Grainlogy@ The Gardens: The Goodness in Sprouted Wholemeal Bread


Grains has been a food staple for many of us which we’ve been eating it almost every other day but little did we know the story behind grains.

There are two types of grains: whole-grains and refined grains.

And as we all know, refined grains are probably the types of grains you might want to avoid whilst whole-grains are the ones that are deemed healthier due to their high nutritional value.

Essentially, what is whole-grains? I was here at Grainology @ The Botany Centre, Singapore Botanical Gardens, organized by Sunshine to learn more about grains and their newly launch Extra Fine Sprouted Wholemeal bread.

Whole-grains consists of the bran, germ and the endosperm. Let’s now delve into the scientific details of the parts of grains. To put it simply, whole-grains are natural grains that are left intact. And whole grains have valuable antioxidants such as vitamin B, vitamin E, magnesium, iron and fiber.

So, whole-grains are healthy on its own but right now, there’s a health trend in consuming sprouted grains, which is even healthier than whole-grains itself. That is why Sunshine decides to include sprouted grains in its bread.

The health concept behind sprouted grains is nothing new to me as I’ve been eating sprouted flax seeds. But sprouted wholemeal bread is definitely something new to me and I must say that Sunshine has really take their bread to a whole new level with their Extra fine sprouted wholemeal bread that is not only more nutritious than wholemeal bread but it’s also appetizing as well.
So why sprouted grains are way better than unsprouted grains?
The sprouting process unlocks many of the grain’s nutrients, making them more absorbable by our bodies. It also activates the transformation of starch into simpler molecules, improves the low glycemic index and making it easier for our digestion.
In fact, studies have also shown that sprouting increases folate, Vitamins Bs and C, as well as iron and essential amino acids. It also increases soluble fiber, which helps maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 

Sunshine Extra Fine Sprouted Wholemeal Bread is made from extra fine 80% wholemeal flour that explains why the bread has a soft texture. It is also endorsed by the US Whole Grain council and Health Promotion Board (HPB) as a Healthier Choice Product as it is certified for its higher whole-grains content. It is also high in dietary fibre, enriched with Vitamins B1, B2, B3, calcium and iron.

Besides introducing their new Extra Find Sprouted Wholemeal bread, they are also introducing a range of Choc cream rolls. These wholemeal chocolate cream rolls are fortified with Prebiotics and are also enriched with Vitamins B1, B2 and B3. I’ve tried them all and I must say that the coconut choc wholemeal cream roll rocks!

Miss Cynthia Harriman, the Director of Food and Nutrition Strategies for the US Whole Grains Council (WGC) skyped in from the United States to share her industry expertise and talk about why sprouted grains are even healthier.Talking about technology!

Last but not least, we enjoyed a scrumptious afternoon tea over lovely sandwiches prepared with Sunshine Extra Fine Sprouted Wholemeal Bread.


Three-tier stand of sandwiches made with Sunshine Bakeries Extra Find Sprouted Wholemeal Bread.


Queen’s Coronation Egg with Cranberries

Caesar salad dressing, hard-boiled eggs, celery, cranberries, paprika, black sesame seeds, spring onions and vegetarian bacon bits.


Refreshing Cucumber Tea Sandwiches 

Mayonnaise, alfafa sprouts, cucumber slices

PBB Marshmallow Toasties

Peanut butter, banana and toasted marshmallow


Each of us were given a picnic basket filled with goodies from Sunshine Bakeries!


I made my own green salad sandwich that tasted absolutely delicious especially you add a slice of cheese. The bread slice is incredibly soft ( even finer than the usual wholemeal bread ) and it’s almost like eating soft fine white bread to be exact except that this is more nutritious with every mouthful of the sprouted whole-grain bread.

Stay healthy by going for sprouted grains!

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