Healthy Raspberry Scones with Nut Butter for Tea


Doing grocery shopping might not be a cool thing but I just enjoy walking down the supermarket aisle and discovering what’s new on the shelves. That day, I felt a little rich so I decided to splurge on some nut butter (Yes, it’s rather expensive!) and raspberries! The cost of a punnet of raspberries in Singapore could get you two or three plates of chicken rice here in Singapore. It’s always insane to think how costly these imported fruits are but one thing for sure, the nutritional content and benefits of these vitamin C-jammed pack fruits are impressive.I would like to think of it as a form of investment in health when it comes to such expensive purchases. 
Raspberries are rich in the following nutrients:
– Vitamin C
– Manganese
– Fibre
– Copper
Such berries, in general, are eaten for their antioxidant benefits to protect the body from oxidative stress, which also inadvertently, slows down aging and reduces the cancer risk.
I wish these yummy berries were made more affordable to us. Unless we can cultivate these fruits in our soil, we could not have to fork out that much for such incredible summer fruits.


With all these store-bought ingredients, I made my very own version of healthy scones since I’ve been missing out on eating buttery scones for the longest time ever. Scones are one of my favourite teatime treats that go so well with crème fraîche and fruit jam.
The key concept for creating healthier recipes is always about replacing ingredients in the original recipe with something more natural, low in fat and processed sugar but high in nutritional content. It’s all about substitution and knowing what are the best alternatives to use so that the food itself still tastes as good.
Instead of using butter or jam, I decided to use nut butter and fresh raspberries. 


This mixed nut butter spread from Melrose is absolutely divine. It could be found at the organic section at NTUC Xtra in JEM Shopping mall.


This mixed nut butter tasted great on crackers and bread. This is even more heavenly than peanut butter. 


Wholemeal oat scones from Five Loaves

This tasted somewhat like a bread bun except that it is a little saltier and more crumbly in texture to resemble the classic scones.


Healthy Raspberry Scones with Nut Butter
(Prep time: 5 minutes)
Wholemeal oat scones by Five Loaves
Nut Butter by Melrose
Bananas (optional)
1. Slice the scones into halves and warm it up in the oven for about 3 to 4 minutes.
2. Spread a tablespoonful of nut butter on the scones and place some raspberries and sliced bananas on it. (The raspberries would act as the filling for the scones. Be generous with the amount of nut butter used as this helps to hold the raspberries in place.)
3. Layer it with the other half of the scone that is also spread with nut butter. Voilà!


One of the simplest and easiest teatime treat to prepare!

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