Springtime in May: Madurodam-inspired Tulipmania

The long-awaited Tulipmania is finally back! And May happens to be my favourite month throughout the entire year as my birthday falls in the month of May.

May is month of spring, flowers and blue skies. It’s also the start of summer. Who in the world doesn’t love the month of May?

I spent Labour’s Day at Gardens by the Bay and since it was a public holiday, the gardens were super crowded. I guess tourists also love this green space on our tiny island too.

I’ve spotted several queer-looking yet interesting flowers that might pique your interest but I really wonder what is the name of this flower. If only there were names of each flower species tagged to plant itself…

Coral reefs on land?

Yes, I’m at work even on Labour Day! And my job is simply to explore this space and snap pictures.

Maybe it’s the sudden large amount of carbon dioxide the huge crowd have been breathing out that suffocates these flowers. Even I felt suffocating being enclosed in a flower dome with the huge crowd.

Anything that is pale in pink looks so lovely, don’t you think?

Do you know that tulips symbolises passionate love? For a twist, I wouldn’t mind receiving a bouquet of tulips on Valentine’s Day.

This flower caught my attention after I noticed an old lady who was marvelling over the sight of this strange-looking flower. After taking a picture of it with my phone, a few others came to marvel at the sight of this. I call this the wonders of nature.

Want to travel to Amsterdam to view the tulip fields? Here’s your chance to win a pair of tickets from KLM!

This year’s Tulipmania is inspired by Madurodam, a miniature park and tourist attraction in Den Hague,the Netherlands. Think Dutch canal scenes, houses and windmills! It’s such a pretty sight that anyone would fall in love with.
A trip to Gardens by the Bay always ends on a sweet note with their signature Gardens by the Bay ice cream concocted by Udders. This time, I tried with white rose milk and lavender flavoured ice cream. I find these so-called flower-perfumed ice cream really unique and heavenly. Maybe the girls would love it as well but I’m just not too sure about the guys.

If you didn’t know, I’m actually one of the Gardens By the Bay’s Garden Angels who would visit the Gardens occasionally to sprinkle some magic dust with my wand! It does feels like home after visiting this place so many times since last year and I’m really looking forward to more lovely flower exhibits!

May you be happy always in month of May!

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