The Vi Peel Experience @ Cutis Medical


Previously, I went for a Salicylic Acid Peel at Cutis Medical Laser Clinic and I think the peeling of the skin wasn’t that bad and uncomfortable so when Dr. Sylvia asked me if I would like to try Vi Peel,which is a rather intensive chemical peel that involves several days of skin peeling. Since my skin didn’t really peel from the Salicylic Acid Peel, I thought, why not try something more intensive? I am game for it.

Vi Peel, produced by Vitality Institute, is a facial skin peel that helps to improve skin tone and texture; treat hyperpigmentation and wrinkles; reduce or eliminate acne scars and stimulate the production of collagen for a more youthful-looking skin. It’s one of those aesthetic treatments that addresses the more common skin issues.And the main motivation for me to get a chemical peel was the smooth and radiant skin which might otherwise take me a long time to achieve if I have to rely solely on skin care products. If time is your enemy, then I suggest you should go for such aesthetic treatments. Sloughing off the dead stubborn skin cells, eliminating dullness in my skin and improving skin texture was my number one priority.

So, here I was, at the treatment room, waiting to have some reactive substances brushed across my face that would cause the layers of skin to flake away. Images of moulting reptiles surfaced in my mind and it can be quite nerve-wrecking to lie on the treatment bed and wondering if there would be any pain or side effects.But all these fears melted away as I was given assurances by the nurses there that the process is going to be pretty smooth, easy and almost painless.


First up, I was briefed by the nurses about what the Vi Peel process is like. So, basically, they will apply the chemicals on my face and I will have to leave it on for several hours before washing off. And for the first 2 nights, I have to rub retin-A pads on my skin till everything is absorbed. During the peeling process, I also have to constantly moisturize and hydrate the skin that would aid in skin renewal.

I was given this Vi Peel take home kit that consists of Vi Derm Post Peel Protectant ( Moisturizer) with 1% hydrocortisone, VI Derm SPF55 Sun Protection and two post peel towelettes (Retin-A pads). After applying the peeling lotion, my skin still looked perfectly normal with no redness or whatsoever. In fact, the peeling will only begin two days later so it would, thus, be best to do the chemical peel on a Thursday so that it will only start to peel on Saturday. And hopefully by Monday, the peeling effect would have lessened by quite a bit.


After all the explanation has been done, they proceeded on with the treatment by first degreasing my skin with pure acetone solution. Acetone is a pungent chemical and the smell can be quite unbearable but thankfully, I was provided with a mini fan to blow away the strong chemical fumes.


This step is then followed by the application of the first peeling lotion that produces a slight tingling sensation on my skin that lasted a couple of minutes. It’s definitely more bearable than having salicylic acid biting into my skin. So, anyway, I had to leave the peeling lotion on my skin for at least four hours before washing it off. And just an hour before going to bed that night, I took out the Retin-A pad and swiped it all over my face except the eye area. Retin-A will further enhance the peeling process and it should be left overnight. However, I started to experience discomfort a few hours after applying Retin-A on my skin and the prickling sensation it produces on my skin had somewhat made it difficult for me to sleep comfortably. So, I applied a hydrocortisone cream that they have given me to relieve the irritations. I also took Loratadine in hope that it would further subside the pain and irritations so that I could sleep peacefully but it didn’t so I had no choice but to wash it off. Well, my skin did peel on the second day but perhaps not as much if I were to leave Retin-A longer on my skin to penetrate and work into my skin deep.


For the subsequent days after my skin started to peel, I begin slapping large amounts of moisturizer and sunblock on my skin to protect my vulnerable skin. The moisturizer also helps relieve any skin irritations I was experienced during this whole process. For me, it wasn’t the peeling that is painful or bothersome. Rather, it was the fact that I had to stay indoors and avoid working out in the gym during this time that I left me feeling like a monkey enclosed in a cage. It is not advisable for me to exercise although I very much want to work out as the sweat might get trapped during the new skin layers, causing an uneven skin texture. That’s the last thing I want something to happen to me while doing a chemical peel.

But after all the peeling has stopped, I was already admiring at my glossy new skin that glows so beautifully for a week or so. Hopefully, with a good skincare regime and an positive outlook in life, I will still be able to maintain that glow from outside and within.

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