Tupperware’s Turbo Chopper


My Mum’s a big fan of Tupperware. It’s a well-loved home and kitchen products brand for many other Mummies in the world because of its superior product quality. But the very sole reason why my Mum is a loyal user of Tupperware products is because of Tupperware’s limited lifetime warranty for each of its products. Damaged? Don’t fret as you could just hop on down to Tupperware Singapore to exchange for a brand new container. That’s how confident Tupperware is with their sturdy and durable products.

So, recently, I was given two Tupperware products – Turbo Chopper and a eco bottle. Tupperware’s Turbo Chopper is one of the latest addition to my kitchen tools to prepare raw vegan meals or other healthy dishes like soups. And it has been a great kitchen tool when it comes to mince onions, garlic or other vegetables. You could use a knife to mince the onions up but I just wasn’t good at chopping and besides, I wouldn’t want to risk having teary eyes or getting cuts on my fingers. I guess this mini red Turbo Chopper allows one to slice things up safely and within a shortest amount of time.


How it works? It’s easy. It relies on human effort to get things done. Thus, in a way, it’s a more environment-friendly kitchen tool as compared to the food processor which requires the use of electricity. All you need to do is to tug the chord that will spin the triple sharp blades that efficiently mince everything up in less than a minute.


Beware of the blades. It’s so sharp that I reckon it could actually chopped nuts too. I haven’t had the opportunity to try it with nuts but I did it with apple chunks.


The only downside about this turbo chopper is its small capacity (300ml). I could fill up the container with apples chunks sliced from a medium-sized apple. However, I guess being small is also advantageous in a way that it could be carried easily around. It would be great for travelling especially for young couples with babies or toddlers who still can’t chew properly. With this turbo chopper, you could easily make baby food purées for your precious one even as you are travelling.


Besides using this Time Savers Herb Chopper to chop herbs, you can also use it to chop nuts, fruits and other vegetables into fine pieces and toss them into salads. That afternoon, I chopped the apples and mixed with some cinnamon and walnut so that I could use them as toppings for my ice-cream sundae. There’s no limit to the use of this Turbo Chopper that works with a super fine and sharp blade that creates a little tornado that shred things up.


Apparently, this is light weight eco-friendly water bottle which I noticed that many school children are carrying it to school. This reusable water bottle is also non-toxic and BPA free.

Anyway, weather’s been erratic and warm. Drink up, people!

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