Welcos Hyo Yeon First Treatment Essence : An Incredible Moisturizing and Nourishing Treatment Essence For the Face


I never knew how Korean skincare products could be so awesome until I tried Welcos First Treatment essence. No wonder Asian women have been raving time and time again about how good and affordable Korean skincare and cosmetic products are. True indeed, the Koreans had really take it up a notch in the beauty industry with their innovative beauty products that are well-suited for Asian skin.
Besides the renowned Korean beauty brands like The Face Shop, Etude House and Laneige, there are also several other less well-known Korean beauty brands in the market that offers surprisingly good products. One of such is Welcos, a Korean cosmetic and skincare brand that taps on the essences of nature. One of their products which I had fallen head over heels with is Welcos Hyo Yeon First Treatment essence. The current Korean beauty regime seems to have include this pre-toner and after-cleanse step where the treatment essence is used to prep the skin for the absorption of the subsequent skincare products used. I would apply about 4 to 5 drops of the essence and pat it gently into my skin till everythings gets absorbed.
Since the product description is all scripted in Korean, I could decipher much about the product contents, features and benefits except for the fact that this The First Treatment Essence contains 92.98% Pomegranate lactobacillus extract. The essence smelt of Ginseng or some medical herbs and for some very strange reasons I found the smell rather appealing to my senses. The soothing scent of the essence did motivates me to use this product again and again. After I’ve included this product to be part of my night and morning routine, I found my skin to be more balanced and less dehydrated than before. I am not too sure if the essence itself is moisturizing or the fact that it aids in the better absorption of the moisturizer I used but in any case, my skin always felt plump up and hydrated after using the essence. 
The heavy glass bottle is rather huge in size and it contains about 150 ml of the essence. I reckon that this big bottle would last me at least for a year and a half! Pretty economical, I must say but more importantly, its efficacy in maintaining a healthy-looking and moisturized skin is what made me go ape about this product.

It’s certainly one of the best beauty finds around. If not for the dearth of product information available in English, it might be one of the most raved about skin care products around.

 Welcos First Treatment Essence could be purchased from myLuvMe.com, an up and coming online beauty online retail store based in Hong Kong.

Source: Welcos First Treatment Essence on myLuvMe.com

Most of their products are sold at a fraction of the original prices so it’s definitely an online store you might want to check out if you are hunting for good deals.

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