$50 Outfit Challenge at ZALORA


If you were asked to describe your fashion style in three words, what would it be?

It’s an art itself to be able to dress the unique you. The clothes and accessories we put reveals part of our past, present and personality. 
Chic, classic and comfy.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

The sun, beach, flowers, and trees. 


Latticed Fit and Flare Dress by Ezra
Ezra’s style of clothing resembles closely to my everyday outfits. This tropical summer that has blots of azure blue and hints of green is what I would wear on a weekend. The vibrant colours give me that instant recharge of energy.


Nikki Weaved Espadrille Flats by Velvet
The colour brown keeps my feet grounded to the earth. I prefer earthy colours when it comes to shoes.


Jewel Encrusted Tiara Ring by Salt – Korea
There’s a ‘princess’ in every girl, no?


Drop Chandelier Earrings by Something Borrowed

Something edgy ; something chic. This is afterall the 21st century.


It looks gorgeous but it’s somewhat tad to heavy for my ears to carry.


If only this bling-bling is made with a lighter material…


I want to be honest with you. Everything I bought here costs me SGD50.80. There’s 80 cents more than what I’ve budgeted but let’s not be too uptight about things. After all, what I am I’m trying to say is, we don’t need a hundred bucks to make ourselves look better and glamorous. Be it $50, $20 or $10 … we can still be who we are as long as you allow your inner confidence to shine.
Should I do a $20 outfit challenge?
What say you?

Visit Zalora’s Tumblr page for more fashion-spiration.

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