A Fuss-free Way to Smoother, Whiter and Hairless Armpits Using A Shaver


It’s one of the most neglected areas and sometimes I’m guilty of spending less time and effort on my armpits to keep it smooth and hair-free. 
For a woman, it does gets a little unsightly to have hair growing over most areas other than your head. There are several ways of removing armpit hair : shaving, waxing, plucking or going for IPL/laser treatments. A pain-free and convenient method of removing hair for me is to shave with a razor. But in order to make sure, it’s clean and smooth, you will need to use a good pair of razor. 
I’ve been using those disposable razors that do not really did a good and clean job of removing every last bits of hair so I decided to invest in a good razor that gives me a smooth and clean shave. So I hop down to Watsons and found Gilette’s Venus razors.
I went home with Gilette Venus and Olay razor which is a rather interesting product which combines Venus’ best shaving technology and Olay’s skin expertise. The 5-blade razor comes with Olay moisture bars. With these moisture bars, there isn’t a need for shaving creams.


The nicely boxed up package comes with a razor and a shower holder.



Olay Moisture bars
To activate the built-in Olay Moisture Bars, wet the razor and a light lather that contains Olay skin conditioners would be formed. The light lather helps to replenish your skin’s moisture.



However, I find that the moisture bars got really stick over time and it becomes somewhat of a hindrance whenever the razor glides across my skin. So eventually, I remove the moisture bars and simply use the razor to shave my armpit hair. It still works really well too. 
After shaving, I would use Dove’s whitening anti-perspirant which was recommended by a friend of mine. According to her, this product works like magic and it really whitens the skin at the armpit area! 
So, ladies, that’s my fuss-free way of getting smoother and whiter armpits which have given me more confidence in wearing sleeveless tops and throwing my hands up in the air while dancing away. 
Building confident about yourself is beautiful and this is one of such ways to feel beautiful and confident as a woman.


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