A Healthy Recipe for Love

Usually, I will be sharing my healthy vegan recipes or fitness updates on my blog but this time, I am going to write on a topic that is close to the hearts of many. Love.

I might not be an expert when it comes to Love but I do know what are some of the essential ingredients you might need to cultivate a healthy relationship with this complicated and ‘sticky’ thing called Love.

A Health Recipe for Love

Ingredients you might need:

Healthy mindset and body


An expanding social network

1. Healthy mindset and body: Eating right and exercising to stay fit is not all about achieving optimum health but it is also about learning to love yourself and your body. When you start to understand the primal need to feed your body with nutritious food and to workout in order to be in shape, you will find yourself becoming more confident which inadvertently makes you look more attraction and confident.

2. Self-confidence: Being confident is sexy. Whether you are a guy or a girl, having that confidence that shines right through you is the most powerful tool you will ever need to draw people to you. There are 101 ways to boost self-confidence but here’s a foolproof way to increase your inner confidence – appreciating life and be thankful for what you have been blessed with. Only then, you will be able to find relevance in who you are as a person in this universe and how your presence is pertinent to make a wave in this world.

3. An expanding social network: Love only exist when there are people around you for you to share and experience love. There isn’t much a thing called love if you are all alone in this world. It’s a beautiful force that brings people closer together and to feel loved, you will need to connect yourself with more people.

I’ve got the recipe but I lacked an ingredient.

Honestly, this particular ‘love ingredient’ is exactly what I lacked of and it’s something I need to work on getting it. The reason being was that I undervalue friendships and people-to-people interactions. I thought that having a few so-called best friends and other good friends is all I need so why bother to expand my social circle? You know that I can’t trust everyone out there, right?

This inertly cold and indifferent mindset of mine has probably what got me stucked this single zone. I do dreamt myself getting out of this treacherous zone that is deemed undesirable by societal terms but everytime I tried, I seem to slip back in. So I often asked myself, what went wrong here? Upon reflection, I figured that I can’t change others and blame it upon the environmental factors so instinctively, I begin to think that maybe I should start changing my perceptions about love and perhaps, looking into the way I interact with men?

Several of my female single friends are in the verge of giving up because they quipped that all the good guys have already been taken while the rest are all bastards and weirdos. But mind you, the very moment you start infesting yourself with such negative thoughts, the more unlikely you are to meet good decent guys. On the contrary, I do believe there’s a pool of decent bachelors out there who are seeking for their soulmates as well. I haven’t been out for dating events but joining dating apps like Love out Loud and OkCupid  did made me realize that there are numerous eligible men out there for us to meet. It’s the matter of whether you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and pushed away all the negative thoughts, fears and societal pressures that would bore you down.

I’m only thankful that now I have another avenue to seek love. Like golden coins (or bird droppings) that fall from the sky, I am landed with a blogging assignment to write a review for , a matchmaking agency in Singapore. It is behind by the same team of people who created Lunch Actually.

As a member of the website, I get to view the matches and profiles of the single guys. And if I like their profiles, I could click ‘approve’ and would wait to see if the other person would ‘approve’ of me too before going on a date.

Things do get pretty exciting from here but before I get down to choose my date, I had to set up a profile and complete a personality quiz. Besides filling up my personal details and particulars, I still got to send documents to verify my identity, job and even salary range. Yes, they do get pretty serious here so that you can get matches who are serious daters and not some married man who is seeking for lust.

After doing the personality quiz, I was labelled as ‘the social butterfly’. (You got to be prepared to spend some time doing the personality quiz because it’s a long list of question! Having said that, it probably also screens out those who are not serious about dating.) I was unconvinced at first because I was known for being an introvert but anyway, what’s wrong with being that social butterfly that flutters around ? Perhaps innately, I am one of such?

It’s been about 3 days now after signing up as a member on eSynchrony and it’s pretty swift how things are picking up. I had a personal love consultant does the matchmaking job for me, liaise my dates and make restaurant reservations.

There are over 20 matches who requested to go a date with me but I’ve yet to have come across a profile which I am in favour of.

Call me picky but I do have a set of criteria for the people whom I want to date. I am not too strict about this but I like to have something in mind so that it helps me to select a better match for myself.

Preferably, he would be…

– leading an active lifestyle. ( Goes to the gym frequently like I do! It’s a lifestyle.)
– taller than I am. ( I’m only 157cm! Short, yea?)
– able to engage in an intelligent conversation. ( Okay, I admit. I’m the intellectual kind.)
– working. (The experiences we go through matters so I would prefer someone who has already entered the working world.)

Keeping my fingers cross! As I have got to choose a guy to go on a dinner date with me within a few weeks too… The clock is definitely ticking and I hope the right one pops up soon!

*(Updated) Read about my date here.

Here’s a video to show how eSynchrony works.

Check out .

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