It’s summer. And it’s the season of summer berries like raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries! With the abundance of berries sold at the local grocery store, it’s a good reason for me to splurge on these high antioxidant fruits and make a ‘berry berry’ delicious smoothie out of it.


Berry Youthful Smoothie Recipe

Soymilk / Nutmilk
Agave Nectar

1. Add all the fruits into the blender. Pour in enough soymilk to cover at least half of the fruit mix. Add any natural sweetener of your choice to the mixture. ( I added about 1 teaspoon of agave nectar.)

Smoothie recipes are often very versatile. You just add how much you like into your smoothie. Especially when it comes to fruits, you can add more of your favourite fruits. However, since I wanted my smoothie to look pink and lovely, I added more raspberry and strawberries.

2. Then blend for about 10 seconds. Add some ice and continue blending.

It’s good to add ice into your smoothie while blending as this will keep the temperature low and thus preventing the heat generated from the motor in the blender from degrading the heat-sensitive nutrients found in the fruits. I actually learn this useful tip from one of the smoothie workshops I’ve attended.Now, it does make sense to add ice to your smoothie!

The Natural Elixir of Youth.

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