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That’s right! It’s been three weeks now ever since I started going vegetarian. And I am starting to witness positive effects in my overall health and wellness, especially in my skin. The pores shrunk quite a bit and my complexion became much clearer. People whom I’ve met recently as complimented on my glowing skin.  My energy levels had soared up after it has taken a deep plunge initially.  I couldn’t be more convinced by the fact that leading this lifestyle is indeed beneficial to my body. Besides keeping to a strict and healthy vegetarian diet, I was also using more natural and eco-friendly products to maintain a healthy skin. 

Recently, I have been using products from bSoul, an eco-friendly and vegan-certified phytoceutical cosmetic line from Tuscany, Italy. Their products carry the ICEA (Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute) certified logo which indicates that they uses only safe and natural ingredients that doesn’t cause any harm to humans, animals or environment. It is pertinent to look for such certifications in products because many natural skin care brands are not exactly using safe and natural ingredients that are obtained from plants through a sustainable and environmental-friendly way.

I do advocate the use of such eco-friendly products because not only they are safe to use on our skin but it is also a way of promoting sustainability and the environmental movement to protect our earth. We have been using way too much harmful chemicals in products that might be absorbed into our bodies or even poisoned the ecolife. A recent study has shown that the plastic-made microbeads in facial scrubs are potentially polluting the Great lakes. Such reports are beginning to emerge and that is why there seem to be a trend of cosmetic and skin brand brands stepping up to go green. Afterall, why use such harmful skin products when you can turn to other products that uses natural ingredients to exfoliate or to treat the skin? 
bSoul products are also not tested on animals and they do not contain the following harmful chemicals:
· Mineral Oil
· Petroleum products (Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, ecc.)
· Dimethicone e Silicones generally
· Polyisobutene hydrogenated ( Isoparaffin)
· Petrolatum
· Paraffinum
· Alkyl
· Acryl
· PEG Substances of animal origin
· SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate)
· Parabens

I’ve tried out bSoul’s Physiological Normalization Kit for a month or so right now and I find that it is especially compatible to my sensitive skin type. This kit includes the following products:

(1) Hydra-Milk Cleanser (100ml), $48

(2) Hydra-Face Scrub 3Action (100ml), $138

(3) Redness Sinergy (30ml), $138

(4) Hydra-Comfort Cream (50ml), $110

My two favourite products from this range are the Hydra-Face Scrub 3Action and Redness sinergy serum.


Hydra-Comfort Cream (50ml), $110
This is a face moisturizing cream that helps restores hydration to the skin.  I still do have qualms about using cream-based products on my skin as it tends to clog my skin. So I’ve been using it on my neck and other dry areas like the elbows. Since the texture is rather thick, it would work best as a ‘winter’ type of moisturizer where the skin gets drier during the cold months. Since the weather here in Singapore is hot and humid, this cream might be a little too rich for my skin.


Redness Sinergy (30ml), $138

This is an anti-redness face and neck concentrated serum for sensitive skin. There was a recent occasion where I experienced some redness in my skin due to a minor allergy and I start to apply this serum that really helps to soothe and calm the skin. I highly recommend this gentle serum for those who have highly sensitive skin that turns red easily upon any skin irritations.
 I have been using this serum to hydrate my skin even though the redness has disappeared. It’s a great mild daily serum to use on days when there are some outbreaks on my skin.

Hydra-Face Scrub 3Action (100ml), $138

The scrub beads are surprisingly delicate and gentle on the skin. The scrub is made from jojoba, aloe and baking soda able to normalize cell turnover and restore skin lipids. It’s one of the mildest facial scrub I’ve ever used. However, even if it is gentle on the skin, I don’t advocate that you use this scrub on a daily basis as it could still wears out the skin. One of the key things I learnt about maintaining a good skin is to be as gentle as possible when treating your skin.

Personally, I would only use this scrub when my skin gets rough and looks dull. That’s when my skin needed that gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells.


Hydra-Milk Cleanser (100ml), $48

The hydra-milk cleanser is a cleansing emulsion with argan oil, rosa moschata, rosemary extract, sage, thyme and other natural surfactants to help cleanse the skin without removing the hydro-lipoprotein film of the skin. Such face milk cleansers are great when you want to remove light makeup or when your skin needs to be treated more gently due to skin irritations or breakouts. I would usually use milk cleanser during the mid-day where my skin gets a little too oily and it does an effective job in removing the dirt and sebum without leaving my skin feeling too dry.

The green trend in the beauty industry is picking up and I’m heartened to see that they are more brands striving to go green and practise sustainability.

To achieve great skin, you will not only have to eat right but also to use non-harmful skin products to maintain a naturally glowing and radiant skin!

If you, too, would like to try out this eco and vegan-friendly skincare product by bSoul, do check out the promo code below which entitles you a 10% discount of all the products (normalization set) which I’ve mentioned here!

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The green trend in the beauty industry is picking up and I’m heartened to see that they are more brands striving to go green and practise sustainability.

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