Dans Le Jardin de Paris : French Faire @ Gardens by The Bay

To escape from the unbearable summer heat and stifling urban modernization in Singapore, there’s always Gardens By the Bay where you can seek solace in and feel so much in touch with nature and its surroundings.

I’ve been here for the upteempth time yet I still get equally excited when I see fresh flowers that blooms with the alluring scent of nature. It’s such a rare sight, really, to find flowers along the streets of our city. So being here at the Flower Dome has been always a little retreat for me to get intune with my senses.

Last month, I was there the French Floral Display at the Flower Dome with my parents. It brought back memories of my immersion trip to France. Paris, Eiffel Tower, macarons, love and the few interesting travel encounters there…

Besides the horticultural pieces of the Eiffel tower and the manicured garden setting, there are a whole bunch of exotic flowers out there.



This flowers resembles ‘the dancing ballerina’ and it never fails to capture my attention.


Remember this? I thought I saw these horses at the War of Roses display.



Leaves aren’t always green and it is certainly not true that only green leaves can photosynthesize. Even partially-green leaves can make food. I find the patterns on the leaves to be really pretty. The only thing missing is a frog prince that is suppose to be resting comfortably on the broad green leaf.


The cafe culture in France.


It would be nice if it were to be a real Le Jardin Café in the vicinity of this huge Flower Dome. Get a cuppa and soaked in the French atmosphere. It does feels a little like Spring in Paris as the temperatures are cooler in the Flower Dome.


La Tour Eiffel

This is the iconic structure is akin to the symbol of love and romance. Who doesn’t think of romance when it comes to Paris, the city for lovers?



Peonies shouldn’t be called a poor man’s rose because they are so sweet and beautiful-looking on its own! In fact, peonies are one of my favourite flowers.



At the flower dome, you just couldn’t resist not taking any pictures. Other than viewing the floral display, everyone else is snapping pictures away with their phones and cameras. Well, it does gets a little annoying sometimes because it seems that everyone is focused on looking through the lens to capture beauty through an image rather than being present in the real world and feast their eyes on the wonders of nature.


Shine upon my life.


Monet’s style of painting.

Dabbing the colours of life onto your own canvas. Every dabs and effort you put in counts.


These are some nuggets of information about France to be discovered as your tour the floral display.

Before you leave the Flower Dome, take a whiff at the rows of beautiful roses leading to the exit. But be really gentle with them!

Flowers are perishable. So is anything that breathes.

Always treasure and appreciate what life has blessed and given you with.

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