Green Kiwimania Pixie Smoothie


The climate in Singapore has been warming up recently and that could be the reason why the fresh produce in my kitchen is going bad really fast. I’m still trying to find ways to keep my fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer period of time. Greens like spinach, lettuce and celery starts to rot if they are not consume within 3 days. I just got to find a day to find proper air-tight containers to store up all these fresh produce to save money and minimize wastage.
I’m pretty sure that it’s the Kiwifruit season right now because my Dad bought boxes of Kiwifruits home but hardly anyone eats them. This fleshy green tropical fruit which is speckled tiny zesty black seeds are packed with more Vitamin C than oranges! Not forgetting to mention that it is also a good source of Vitamin K, a fat-soluble vitamin which is essential to building strong bones and a healthy heart.
When I was a child, I didn’t quite like eating Kiwifruit because it could taste really sourish sometimes but my mum would usually force feed me as she says kiwi is one of the ‘kings’ of the exotic fruit. It used to be one of those pricey fruits in the past but I guess it’s more affordable these days when the huge imports of Kiwifruits from New Zealand. 
After I’ve committed myself to be leading this form of healthy and active lifestyle, I really began to appreciate the taste,sight and benefits of this fruit in particular. I began incorporating this fruit into my smoothie concoction and I was pleasantly surprise by how it could pair so well with bananas to bring out the Kiwifruit’s distinctive flavour. 
Get creative with your smoothies but including this green fruit!


Green Kiwi Pixie Smoothie

What’s in my power smoothie?
2 Kiwifruits
A handful of organic spinach leaves
1 medium-sized banana
Half a pear
1 tablespoon of Sprouted Flaxseeds
1 tablespoon of Raw Meal Placement Powder by Garden of Life
1/2 cup of Quinoa Milk


When it comes to food combining, I usually pair them by the desired colour I want my smoothie to look like. But after reading up on some articles on the principles of food combining, I am now more aware of how to pair fruits and vegetables up to create a smoothie that is better for our body to digest. So in this case, it’s actually not advisable for me to pair Kiwifruit, an acidic fruit with a sweet fruit like bananas (as shown from the chart below).  It may not be the best pairing of fruits that will allow our body to digest it at its optimum but I guess all these ingredients are still going to nourish your body in one way or another. 


I’ve been adding some of this Raw meal replacement formula (purchased from iHerb) into my smoothie to enhance it’s nutritional value. You could also drink meal replacement formula on its own but it’s not going to taste as yummy when you jazz the beverage up with fruits.


Many people have been asking me what are the kitchen I’ve been using to maintain this lifestyle. Well, I’ve been relying on my centrifugal juicer and U-Like blender to whip up all the yummy vegetarian/vegan delights. This is my trusty U-Like mini blender that does almost everything – from blending smoothies, making banana-only ice cream to nut milking. But I do hope to own a more powerful blender like a Vitamix and food processor which worked more efficiently as compared to this mini blender.


Sprinkle some organic pumpkin seeds for a little crunch and added protein!


Perhaps next time, I should compile a list of my favourite Top 5 smoothie drink one day so that you guys could try it and tell me if these smoothies could really knock your socks off!


Go Kiwimania with this green pixie-like fruit!

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