Gym Essentials: Anti-perspirants by Triple Dry

Gym essentials.

Water bottle?






Shoes with socks?



Checked. All ready to go!


Using deodorant while exercising and gyming is a form of respect to the other gym goers. The last thing I want to do is to knock out the person standing next to me when my sweat odour. I mean you can’t deny the fact that everyone would stink the moment they broke out in sweat. Furthermore, wouldn’t you want to smell great especially if you doing triceps pull-overs right next to your eye candy?

I’m very sensitive to scents and it really puts me off if a person smells of ammonia, smelly socks and decomposed rubbish. So, I do make an effort to smell good by using some perfumes, body splashes or antiperspirants. And after switching to a vegetarian diet, I discovered that I stink less after a workout. It might be true to a certain extent since I opted out meat and ate more sweet-smelling and delicious fruits. I am now starting to wonder if I would smell like citrusy if I ate oranges for lunch everyday. So I guess it wouldn’t be harmful to be eating fresh flowers so that I could smell more floral?


As a scent-lover, I’ve been using spray anti-perspirants to keep me smelling fresh and nice during my gym workouts. Unlike deodorants, anti-perspirants prevents you from sweating by plugging your sweat glands with aluminium and zirconium. When your sweat glands are plugged, the production of sweat is minimized. That’s not to say that you will not sweat at all because I do sweat a lot even if I use an anti-perspirant. But I smell ‘more neutral’ after perspiring because antiperspirants also contains ingredients that prevents bacteria growth. 
Some studies have shown that there’s a link between breast cancer and anti-perspirants but there are also studies that refute this claim. Since there is no conclusive results as of now, I would still be relying on anti-perspirants til I found a better alternative.
I’ve been using Nivea’s anti-perspirant Double effect spray because I adore the refreshing light scent alot. But right now, I’m also trying out Triple Dry roll-on anti-perspirant that provides advanced protection up til 72 hours! That’s equivalent to 3 days worth of time! Perhaps we could test that out on our Singapore army boys who probably dwells in the forest for a few days without taking a shower during their training.


Triple Dry, an anti-bacterial and anti-perspirant comes in two variants:

Triple Dry (Unfragranced) (Blue)
For heavy perspiration

Triple Dry Fresh Fragrance (Pink)
For heavy perspiration

These made-in-UK antiperspirants are probably made for those who perspires extensively – even when they are not exercising. The product functions by regulating the amount of sweat exiting the body through the sweat glands. It also contains ingredients that mask the odour and fight the bacteria on the skin.
Based on the product description, it is also recommended that you apply this product only 3 times a week because the powerful action effect of Triple Dry carries on even when the area of application has been washed! Thus, you don’t have to reapply after swimming or doing sports.

How to use:

1) Shake bottle. 

2) For optimum results apply nightly before going to bed for 4 nights. 
3) Wash as normal in the morning. Once perspiration is under control, you may be able to reduce application to 3 times a week.
Verdict: I didn’t pay much attention to the instruction given at first so I’ve been applying this product to my underarms before each workout session. The pleasant scent reminded me very much of Dove’s roll-on antiperspirant. However, the formula is rather thick and it takes quite some time for it to be absorbed into the skin. As such, I would try patting the product gently into my skin til it’s dry. Otherwise, it would appear as a sweat mark on the underarm area of my T-shirt. It’s going to be pretty embarrassing if I raise my arm up to do a gentle back bend during a yoga sun salutation. 
I personally don’t sweat alot but if you do perspire very easily (the moment you head outdoors!) then you might want to give this product a try.

Smelling great keeps you happy too.

You could also redeem a sample from Sample Store here.

Triple Dry Anti-perspirant Roll On (2 variants) could be purchased from Guardian at $15.90/50ml.

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