Hacudei White Clay Soap : How it Brings Radiance and Glow to My Skin


Out of the numerous beauty product reviews I’ve did, I have never encounter one such skin cleansing product that brings instant radiance to my skin with just one wash. The results was pretty remarkable and I only got to understand more about this product after reading up more information about it.
Hacudei Palau White Clay Facial Soap doesn’t comes in a form of traditional soap bars but a creamy foam which is stored in a small tub. The exclusive White Clay Soap which is made from the wonders of the sea comes with a foaming net too. That’s why I realize that I am probably going to have some fun playing with foam!


Hacudei White Clay Soap is made from the white clay that is deposited at the bottom of Milky Way of Palau. Where is Palau? The Republic of Palau, a Micronesian Nation, is located 1160 km southwest from Guam. They are insular country of over 200 islands! Think of clear blue water and skies with fluffy marshmallow-like clouds!

HACUDEI is a natural cosmetic brand which its products are made from ingredients harvested from mother’s nature. Its products is free from artificial colouring and fragrances,
Hacudei White Clay Soap is rich in natural minerals, papaya fruit extract, hibiscus essence and other botanical ingredients to soften, smoothen and beautify the skin. The spongy bubbles of the white clay soap foam can penetrate and cleanse clogged pores. The soap also contains five kinds of botanical extracts that naturally moisturizes the skin.
How to use:

1. Foaming The White Clay Soap (Foaming net available in box):
Wet the foam net before scooping a small amount of the soap and scrubbing on the net until foamy. 
2. Cleansing Forehead and Nose
First massage the foam gently on the forehead and nose as these areas have the most sebum secretion.
3. Cleansing Cheeks and Face
Smooth out & massage the foam gently all over the cheeks, face & neck.

4. Rinsing and Wiping The Face

Rinse the face & neck with mild warm water. Wipe dry by patting gently all over the skin with a soft and clean towel. 


The foaming net comes with a little ring hook so that you can conveniently hang it near your bath tub, shower area or sink.


Use the clean spatula to scoop up a small dollop of soap ( 5-cent coin size). You will only need a small amount to create a handful foam to wash your whole face. 


Transfer the white clay soap from the spatula to the foam net.


Rub, twirl and scrub the foam net against each other til the soap starts to foam up.


It can be quite a hassle to do this but it’s fun and it’s a good workout for your arms too.


After you are happy with the amount of foam you’ve created, grab hold of the neck of the foam net (near the loop) then pull down and squeeze out all the foam.


See? That’s quite a lot of foam to work on your face. Unlike the Biore’s Marshmallow facial foam, this white clay soap foam is rather dense, creamy and rich. It has a very different texture to it.

How it works?

In fact, the microscopic bubbles of the white clay soap are smaller than our pore size so the bubbles along with the micro coral powder will be able to penetrate deep into the pores and cleanse the pores thoroughly.

The amazing thing is that even the micro coral powder has numerous nano-holes that absorbs all kinds of dirt, makeup residues and dead keratin. While the micro coral powder is busy doing all the cleansing work, the minerals of the white clay as well as the 5 botanical extracts (Papaya fruit extract, pineapple fruit extract, Hibiscus flower extract, star fruit leaf extract and orchid extract) will help to nourish and moisturize the skin with minerals, keeping the skin soft and smooth.

After my first wash, my skin became two shades fairer. Initially, I thought it was a whitening product but it isn’t. Perhaps it just brought clarity and radiance to my skin and gives it a nice glow too. It’s an amazing natural beauty product that utilizes ingredients from nature. I highly recommend you guys to give this cleansing product a try!

Hacudei Palau White Clay Facial Soap S$29.90/60g. Available at Watsons, ALT and Mount Alvernia Pharmacy.

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