Morning Beverage: Apple Cider Vinegar Honey Drink


My frequent hang-outs include the gym, supermarkets, health foodstores and vegan/vegetarian-friendly eateries. It’s funny how my lifestyle and habits started to change when I started exercising regularly and eating healthy. I would say that it’s almost like a 360 degree transformation for me where I became more conscious of the food I eat and more active that I have to hit the gym at least 4 times a week or I feel lifeless.

This recent grocery spree was spurred on after I’ve decided to switch to a vegetarian diet. If nothing fails, I might be drafting on post on how I made the transition from a meat-eating diet to a vegetarian diet. At this point of time, I just wanted to opt out meat from my diet and see if my body could accustom to this new diet.

To start out this new diet, I decided that I should experiment more healthy vegetarian versions of yummy meat-containing dishes so that I would feel satiated with my meals even without consuming meat. To kick things off, I plan to use this June vacation to try out some vegan and vegetarian recipes I gathered online.


Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

I recently met up with people who shared with me the benefits of apple cider and encouraged me to drink them as an everyday beverage. I actually met up with Jonathan, the owner of Fit For Life Centre at his shop along Crawford Lane and he introduced to me this way of preparing an apple cider vinegar drink by adding some water and raw honey. He made us some apple cider vinegar drink that day and boy, it was so refreshing! That made me rush down to the supermarket to buy some organic honey and organic apple cider vinegar. Yes, I wouldn’t mind drinking this everyday!


Apple cider vinegar is well-known for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits in relieving common symptoms of flu and cough. Suffering from a bad sore throat? This would be my best bet – mix apple cider vinegar with some honey. I call this a natural elixir to help heal the body.

Another health benefit of apple cider vinegar is their antibacterial and antiseptic properties that solve tummy problems and prevents indigestion.


To prepare this remedy drink, add about 2 to 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to one cup of water. Then add about a tablespoon of honey to sweeten the drink.

Coincidentally, I had a sore throat a few days later after purchasing the vinegar. So I started drinking glasses of this concoction. Though it didn’t immediately heal my throat, it helps to soothe the soreness experienced in my throat. I didn’t take any medicine at the point of time. It took about 3 days of drinking this beverage before my sore throat was fully cured!

Apple cider vinegar also makes a great salad dressing too. And if you do want to buy a bottle of apple cider vinegar, get those organic and unfiltered ones where it contains ‘the mother’ of vinegar, the brown sediments or residues that settles on the bottom of the bottle. It’s the essence of the apple cider vinegar where it contains all the beneficial enzymes and bacteria.


In addition to my grocery bag, I also bought a box of English Tea Shop organic tea – Superberries and it was super good! I love how the tea leaves changes the colour of the hot water from light purple to a deep dark red colour.


I’ve been purchasing almond milk for the previous grocery trips and I thought I should try something else – quinoa milk! It’s light, slightly more watery and has this mild sweetness to it.


All the following items were purchase from NTUC Xtra at JEM mall.

More updates of my vegetarian diet to come! 

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