‘Pockets Full of Sunshine’ Fruit Platter

I’ve been so inspired by how creative raw vegans can do with their natural plant-based food. It is almost like an art itself! The wonderful vividness in these colours found in fruits is certainly pleasing to the eyes. It is more apt to say that humans, by nature, are drawn to the sight, smell and taste of fruits. We are unlikely to find raw meat appetizing except when it’s cooked with spices which either enhances or mask the stench of animal meat.
As I begin to dwell a little deeper into the world of raw foods, I am starting to appreciate how beautiful and naturally appetizing fruits and vegetables are; even when it is eaten on its own. The natural simple sugars directly feeds and nourish your cells with vitamins and minerals. It instantly replenishes my fuel tank and keeps me energize for the day. But of course, it must be eaten in a larger quantity than usual and combining with the right types of fruits.According to the food combining theory, it’s alright to pair acid fruits like oranges with sub-acid fruits like berries. As much as possible, I could try to follow the theory of pairing fruits and vegetables but other times, I just make do of which ever fruits I have left in the fridge and gobble them up. Like some other raw vegans, I am not too strict with food combining as long as they taste good when paired together.
What’s on my fruit platter?
Kiwis, oranges and blueberries!
There’s this crazy blueberry sale happening right now across the island. Six bucks for a 3 packets of blueberries is such a steal!

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