The CAC Juice aka Weight Loss Juice : Carrot, Celery and Apples Juice


The meat-lovers that I know usually cringe in fear if there’s celery on the dining table. It’s probably its sharp herbal flavour that puts people off. I was one of them who hated celery before turning into a vegetarian. But right now, it’s one of my favourite veggies that I have to include it into my juices.

It’s really interesting to know our taste buds could be trained to get accustomed with the flavour of certain foods just like how I started to like eating celery! That is to say that you can train your tastebuds to love flavourful natural foods like celery.

Adding celery into juices is a great way of including sodium and potassium into your juice. It’s one of those high water content vegetables that can also increase the amount of juice that you will be making.

One great way to enjoy the juice of celery is to pair them up with carrots, apples and Chinese spinach (optional). The sweetness from the apples and carrots will really help to sweeten things up and add flavour and colour to the overall juice. I added some spinach to just add another touch of ‘greens’ in glass of juice!

This juice combination turns out to be a popular weight loss juice which I happened to find out while drafting this post. To be honest, I had no idea that this juice combo is meant for weight loss!

It’s probably dubbed as a ‘weight loss juice’ because celery is considered to be a negative calorie food that requires more energy to digest that it could actually provide with. Losing weight? Easy. Consume more negative calorie foods and you are on your way to success.

But of course, with exercise.

Here are interesting facts about each ingredient I used for this juice:

– Great source of Vitamin A, Biotin, Vitamin K and fibre.
– Improve vision and skin health

– Great source of Fibre and Vitamin C
– Help regulate blood sugar levels
– A natural sweetener to sweeten up green juices
– Contains polyphenols which functions as the apple’s natural sunscreen
– Best to use organic apples for juicing

– Excellent source of Vitamin K, Vitamin A, manganese, folate, magnesium, iron, copper, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, calcium, potassium and Vitamin C. ( Amazing, right? That is why I always like to include spinach in my juices!)
– Important for maintaining bone health

– An Alkalizing food
– High in Vitamin K and molybdenum
– Provides protection against inflammation in our digestive tract


Stay trim with this weight loss juice!

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