The Juice Room Launch Party by Hic’ Juice


Hic’ Juice has now launched their very own Juice Room on the second floor of this shophouse along Boon Tat Street where you can purchase their cold-pressed juices off the counter!


Their launch party wasn’t only about drinking juices to detox but it’s also about indulging on gluten-free pastries by Jonathan’s and dairy-free ice-cream by Joyride Creamery! But I could only indulge in all these goodies after a 45-min Spinning class and a 35-min bootcamp by 7 Cycle!


The gluten-free heaven…


If only these burgers are more vegan-friendly…

As most of you would have know, I’m big fan of juicing! I’ve tried a couple of juice fast and one of which is by Hic’ Juice. Read about my Hic’ Juice experience here where I tried their Reborn 3-Day Juice Cleanse which consisted mainly of green juices. I felt an instant skin glowing effect after drinking all these nutritious green juices!


I was pretty elated to be invited to Hic’ Juice party where there’s an endless amount of cold-pressed juices to drink!


The Juice Room by Hic’ Juice Room is officially open! It’s located on the second floor. There are selling their 250ml-sized bottle of juices, smoothies and nutmilk for $8.


After gulping down like 2 bottles of juices, I had to prepare for an indoor cycling class with 7 Cycle. I’ve been loving indoor cycling lately as it gives me a good dose of cardio work on my legs. This was exactly what I need to burn off those fats on my thighs and butt. Besides, I can’t do outdoor cycling because I am never good with anything that has wheels. So, indoor cycling’s my thing!
Their spinning bikes are way awesome than the ones found in my gym. The saddle is well-cushioned so you sit comfortably on the bike for a long time. Another feature of the bike is the feedback monitor that tracks the heart rate, time, amount of calories burnt and RPM (revolutions per minute). This feedback monitor will then send all the information to your account so that you could track your progress after each spinning class! There’s more motivation now for me to cycle harder and faster!


7cycle also provides cleated shoes so you don’t have to bring your own pair of sport shoes to cycle. And this is great especially if you are heading to their studio for a spinning class. All you will need is your exercise attire and a water bottle. Towels, lockers and shower facilities are all complimentary.


At 7cycle, they run their own signature and road indoor cycling classes which differs from the Les Mills’ programme. Here at 7cycle, it’s really all about the music, neon lighting and having fun. Sometimes during the signature classes, you might be asked to lift mini dumbbells to work those arms while pedalling on the bike. I call that a full body workout!


The music tracks are awesome and I felt like I was partying on my bike as I was cycling hard with resistance. I rather be here on a Friday night than to be drinking at the club.

After the 45-min class, I was dripping with sweat but it felt great to sweat it all out. I had no idea if I had the energy to go for the bootcamp class right after but I just give it a shot and went for it. During the 35-min bootcamp, we were asked to complete a few rounds of circuit training which involves cycling on the bike too! 
Below are my performance numbers! I think I could have done way much better. An average RPM of 70 is way to low! Maybe I could have done like a 80 or 85 RPM the next time? Performance numbers are useful in setting your next target or goal.
Your performance numbers for Signature 7Cycle with Debbie on Sat May 24 1:00 PM.

Bike Power Metrics

AVG RPM : 70
HIGH RPM : 105
DURATION: 45 min


There are 6 shower rooms which are stocked with great shower products from John Masters Organics. Their blood orange and vanilla body wash smelt exceptionally great! Nothing beats having a good shower to pamper yourself after an intense workout session at 7cycle.


Hic’ Juice Launch party doesn’t just ends here. Joyride Creamery set up a little booth right outside to serve cold ice cream made with coconut milk ice cream. There also serve other natural, non dairy and gluten free frozen treats as well.

Think coconut milk is extremely fattening and unhealthy? That’s the biggest misconception about coconuts. Coconut milk contains a healthy form of saturated fat that would be rapidly metabolized into energy in the body. It also contains lauric acid, a compound which would eventually be converted to monolaurin that has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Yes, you can now enjoy eating a plate of Nasi Lemak without guilt.


Smooth and creamy coconut ice cream with toasted coconut flakes!
Drink juice, exercise hard and then enjoy a healthy sweet treat. 

That’s life.

7 Cycle 
27 Boon Tat Street
Singapore 069623

1st Floor:7 Cycle website
2nd Floor: Hic’ Juice
3rd Floor:Joyride Creamery

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