The Raw Vegan Lunch: The Yellow Mellow Fruit Platter


After watching many YouTube videos of the several notable raw vegans like FullyRawKristina on how they lead their lifestyles, I was also inspired to follow their recipes and useful tips to keep up a healthy lifestyle. To date, I’ve shared about this raw vegan lifestyle with the people whom I’ve met but I’ve actually yet to share with you guys!

I wouldn’t call myself strictly a raw vegan but I do have raw vegan meals occasionally as part of my vegetarian diet. At this point, some of you might start to wonder what is the difference between a vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan diet, right? It’s one popular questions that always pops up whenever I share about my healthy lifestyle and diet.

Vegetarians abstain from meat only.
They can still eat dairy products like eggs and milk.

Vegans abstain from meat, dairy and animal products like honey.
They eat mainly plant-based food which are raw or fully cooked.

Raw vegans abstain from meat, dairy and animal products.
And they only eat natural plant-based food which are either raw or prepared below 45 degree celsius to preserved its live nutrients and enzymes.

Notice the differences? In my opinion, all 3 diets are healthy but the most ideal form of diet is the raw vegan diet where one mainly ingest only live foods that benefits the body. But I believe that not everyone suit this form of strict diet due to several factors like cost and environment. For raw vegans, they need to consume clean organic foods which are safe for consumption. Since most of their food are not cooked, they need to make sure that their food is bacteria-free and safe for direct consumption.

I would consider myself as a vegetarian who only abstain from eating meat though occasionally, I try to prepare raw vegan or vegan meals at home. It’s so much easier to become a vegetarian or vegans in Singapore these days especially when most restaurants and cafes here do offer vegetarian options. However, it is less so for raw vegans. Especially, when it comes to social dining or eating, it might be quite difficult for a raw vegan to dine out with friends or family.

Based on most Raw vegan Youtubers, they usually have 3 BIG meals a day. For breakfast, they would either drink smoothies or juices. For lunch, they will have a mono-fruit meal or a big platter of fruits. For dinner, they would keep to salads dressed homemade salad dressings. Their plate or bowl size is abnormally huge because they have to eat that much to obtain the necessary energy and nutrients to sustain.

I’ve shared several smoothie and juice recipes on my blog but I’ve yet to show you guys how to prepare your very own fruit platter. I guess there isn’t a need for recipe for this. All you will need is to stock up plenty of fresh fruits at home, slice them and lay them beautifully on a huge plate or bowl. Enjoy the colour sights of these wholesome fruits and enjoy!

The Yellow Mellow Fruit Platter

I decided to pair the fruits up according to their shade of colour. There’s honeydew, oranges, mangoes and banana. It’s actually base to eat a monomeal which consist of just one type of fruit as it is easier for the body to digest. But of course, if you want to add some colours to your life, get creative and create a rainbow with your fruits!

There’s actually a food combining theory where it teaches you how to pair fruits and vegetables suitably so that your body can ingest them properly but I realize that raw vegans hardly follow this food combining theory rules.


As long as it is raw, fresh and delicious, why bother?

According to Dr.Douglas Graham, the author of The 80/10/10 diet, we humans are naturally drawn to the sight of fresh fruits but not the sight of raw meat! So are we really an omnivore?

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