Berry Nice-Cream Tower In-A-Jar Recipe

I love the scent of raspberries. 
It’s sweet, delightful and has a slight floral scent. 
It’s from the rose family after all.
Very soft, juicy and highly delicate.
Eating raspberries for breakfast is one of the best treats you could possibly get.
That morning, I topped a jar full of frozen strawberry banana ice cream with these delicate sweet things.  
Some call it nice cream while others call it nana ice cream. 
It’s a new lingo for vegans and it simply refers to the use of frozen bananas to make ice cream.
In it, I also pour in some crunchy goodness of fruit and nut muesli by Carman’s. They produce one of the healthiest and yummy muesli bars too!
Berry Nice-Cream Tower In-A-Jar Recipe
You’ll need
5 minutes of your precious time
Love and effort to rise and shine
Slices of your favorite summer fruits like strawberries
Frozen banana coins
Food processor or blender
Blend frozen banana coins together with strawberries and scoop it out to fill up the jar. Layer it with some muesli and fruits. There you have it, a tall berry nice-cream tower in a beautiful glass jar for breakfast!

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