Kinetika Xtreme: Let’s Bring Up the Intensity, Unleash and Train Like A Beast

With the introduction and expansion of new gyms and wellness centres, I feel that we are really getting fitter and health-conscious as a nation. There’s now no reason or excuse for you to not workout when there’s a fitness gym or centre in almost every neighbourhood or places of attractions in Singapore. Like there’s this newly furnished cool gym at the Grand Stand, a few floors above Pasar Bella. Because we Singaporeans love eating and spend lots of time pigging out, we often need to workout hard in order to eat even more. I would really suggest that you workout hard Kinetika Xtreme and then head down to Pasar Bella to indulge all that fresh seafood and disgustingly juicy meat burger. It goes the same for me except that I’m vegetarian so I often stuff myself with burgers and broccoli from Vegan Burg (which serves oh-so-delicious) vegan burgers.

I’m really glad to be invited to do a review for another gym like Kinetika Xtreme is more unique and different from the mainstream kind of gyms out there. Here, you don’t see heavy dumbbells, plates and rows after rows of gym equipment or treadmill. In fact, you will only see one type of gym equipment here – that is the Kinesis by Technogym. On my first visit to Kinetika Xtreme, I wasn’t quite sure if the Kinesis could provide me with a full body workout. Well, I wasn’t proven wrong after Ghaneswaran Sukumaran, Founder and Owner of Kinetika, taught me how to use this gigantic equipment. By the end of the first Kinesis training session, I was super impress with this multi-functional machine. This futuristic machine itself is the GYM!


I did squats, crunches, tricep dips, pull downs, bicep curls, pectoral fly and many other weight training exercises using just this one machine. You could easily adjust the weight to increase or decrease resistance to each exercise moves.

The Kinesis training system focuses on natural movements of the human body using an innovative patent-pending 3D pulley system that allows 360° tri-dimensional movements. It allows one to do conventional strength training and functional training exercises that maximises training efficiency with visible results.

Another commendable feature about the Kinesis is its versatility. It allows different exercises to be executed safely with ease, and the pulley systems also enable people from all body-types to train with ease, including the elderly, those with particular sports injuries and even the disabled.

Currently, there are only two Technogym Master Trainers in Singapore: Ghaneswaran Sukumaran and Santhi Haridass who were both trained and certified in Italy. Both of them also fronted Kinetika Xtreme, a one-of-a-kind gym in Singapore that utilises the Technogym’state-of-the art patented training systems – Kinesis and ARKE.


I was given 12 training sessions to experience what Kinesis and ARKE training is like and so far I’ve already gone for 7 sessions and I’m loving it! The challenging exercises had pushed me a harder to work and activate those weaker muscles like my biceps and triceps. Before joining Kinetika Xtreme, I felt that my fitness level has started to plateau off after doing the same set of exercises in the gym but I got out of that ‘stagnant zone’ after doing ARKE which uses a different set of exercise equipment to train balance, agility and coordination of the body.

Prior to the commencement of my training programme, the trainer took measurements of my body statistics; weight, height, body fat and muscle mass. As usual, I would still need to work on bringing my body fat down and muscle mass up. These information would then allow the trainers to tweak the program based on my body type and individual strengths and weaknesses to ensure efficient training in a safe and progressive way as well as to help me achieve my fitness goals.
And there’s only one ultimate goal for me : lose the fats to reveal the abs.


Other than Kinesis training, I would also attend core-centric ARKE training classes on alternate weeks.

ARKE = ‘origin of things’ in Greek
ARKE is a unique type of training that re-enacts the different stages of development that we humans have been through, from going on all fours as a child to the erect posture of a healthy adult. Yes, it’s a little like cavemen-type of training. Yeah, we are going back to the stone age!
The colours make this whole studio looks really fun – almost like a playground. Interestingly, these colours are chosen to represent a natural element of the Greek philosophic tradition.
 Earth (green) for stability and proprioception; 
Water (blue) for agility and balance; 
Fire (red) for adaptability and control; 
Air (orange) for dynamism and reactivity.
My favourite has got to be the green coloured ones! I think I work better with the ‘earthy’ equipment as I have a strong core which provides me with a good stability.

Through ARKE training, you will be able to train coordination, stability, balance, flexibility, strength, speed, agility, reactivity, cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency. In my opinion. ARKE training can be quite challenging and after each round of circuit, the trainer would increase the difficulty or intensity level of each workout station. Sometimes, they might also carry out a little game to add some fun into the routine. I personally love doing the 2-minute squat challenge. I’m always on BEAST mode when doing ARKE.

Flipping this 10-Kg waterball can be really challenging. I couldn’t even flip this water ball during the first few session. But by the fifth session, I was flipping and tossing this water ball up in the air like no one’s business.

So, what do you do with this? Mop the floor?
Don’t tell you…
It’s one of my least favourable ARKE equipment because I hate sprinting. 
The atmosphere at the gym is very friendly and welcoming (especially when Shanti’s around!).
 There’s two seating areas where you can sit down and chill to relax.
Female changing room with showering facilities
Basic amenities like hair dryer, bath towels and soap are provided.
The lockers comes with a key which you can loop it around your wrist.

Kinetika Xtreme is located on the 7th floor, right above Pasar Bella. There’s a lift inside Pasar Bella ( near the washroom) which brings you up to Level 7. For more information how to get to the Grand Stand, you can check out this link. I would often take a train down to Clementi MRT station and hop onto the shuttle bus to reach The Grand Stand. It is rather accessible and convenient to get there, actually!

Kinetika Xtreme is currently offering 6 session of free personalized training sessions for those who are interested in doing a trial. For more details, visit their website here.

Hope to see you there if you’re embarking on this fitness journey at Kinetika! Let’s go to the Xtreme!

Kinetika Xtreme
200 Turf Club Road

The Grandstand 
Singapore 287994

Kinetika Xtreme Facebook Page:
Kinetika Xtreme website:

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