Klarity™ Lasertox™ CC Miracle White Lotion : That Korean Beauty Glow


BB creams was made a storm back then as it functions effectively as a blemishing balm to cover blemishes and even out the skin tone with just the use of one single product. And when CC creams (colour correcting creams) streams into the market, it didn’t make much of a wave as compared to BB creams as CC creams functions pretty much the same as BB creams except that CC creams are mainly use to even out the skin tone to give it a natural and flawless finish and less so on its ability to conceal blemishes. 
Such creams are usually tinted to match the skin color which I didn’t quite fancy because very often, I find that tinted CC creams are thicker in texture due to the colored pigments and when applying these tinted creams with makeup, it sometimes might stain the makeup sponges. 
But here’s the good news. There’s now a non-colorant CC lotion by KLARITY which is enriched with diamond powder to give a slight glow to your face. That’s how Korean beauties get their radiant glow, I guess!
Adopting Lasertox™ methodology, the natural beauty essences in the product could now penetrate into the skin’s dermis layer more effectively. This product also acts to prep your skin by purifying the skin layers to enhance better absorption of the beauty ingredients into your skin.


It also gives your skin a youthful glow with its powerful antioxidant, wild rose hip extract that helps to prolong the youthfulness of the skin. What’s more important to note is that this CC lotion has a sunscreen factor SPF 30 /PA ++ that protects your skin against harmful UV rays. Well, and if you have not watch this YouTube video about the importance of wearing sunscreen, you must click on this link here to watch how damaging the UV ray is.


This is the first non-colourant CC lotion by KLARITY and since it comes in a form of a lotion, it’s texture is much lighter than creams. I would use this as a sunscreen and would sometimes apply this underneath a layer of foundation. I like the fact that is gives the skin a slight whitening effect without making the skin looking too washed out with the diamond pigments. It just gives my skin that instant clarity with a soft glow.

This product is:

Halal certified
Cruelty-free ( not test on animals)
MFDS Korea approved

Next, DD creams?

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