Living Foods for Breakfast Workshop @ Fit For Life Centre

Becoming vegetarian and increasing the amount of vegetables and fruits intake is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Contrary to popular belief, vegetarians or vegans are not lack in protein or any other form of vitamins or minerals. We get source of protein from greens and beans. I’m a living proof because after abstaining from meat and processed food for 2 months, my body looked toner and the muscles on my arms, back and shoulders started to become more define. I was quite taken aback actually when I look into the mirror and realize how muscular I look now as compared to before, where I ate copious amount of meat on a daily basis.
It was pretty tough to go through a 360 degrees change in lifestyle especially when you are doing this alone. But, thankfully for me, I had Vegan and vegetarian YouTubers and Instagrammers who motivated me with their healthy tips and recipes. Meeting vegans and vegetarians at health or fitness-related events or workshops also assured me that I’m on the right track and the journey to eat clean is going to be an exciting one. Talking to like-minded people really helps because they spur you on to pursue your health and fitness goals.
About a month ago, I was invited to attend a living food workshop organized by Fit for Life Centre and that’s where I started to discover more tips and tricks about eating and preparing live foods. Although I knew the basics about raw food living through watching YouTube videos done by raw vegans from all over the way, I knew that there are indeed more things to learn about this form of diet and desired lifestyle that people have yet to discovered about.
The first half of the workshop talks about the importance of eating living foods that literally feeds your cells directly with nutrients as well as the long term benefits of raw and wholesome food obtain naturally from earth. Going for meatless is the first step towards eating mindfully, and consciously treating your body with love and care. What’s the secret of energetic vibrant living? The secret lies in fruits and vegetables.

The workshop covers breakfast recipes, ranging from juices, smoothies, oatmeal to ice cream. It’s the most important meal of the day not only because it fuel us with energy for the day, it also help us to break the long fast our body went through during while we are asleep.True indeed, as Jonathan, the trainer for the workshop has mentioned that since our body is on a fasting mode for several hours, it is only wise to replenish your body with vital nutrients obtained from living foods. It do your body more good than harm as compared to local traditional breakfast items like bacon, ham or fried noodles.


Sampling fresh juices made using the Green Star juicer, which is also sold at Fit for Life Centre.


The Green Star juicer is a twin gear juice extractor which crushes every bit of the plant cells to obtain that pure juice which is naturally enriched with vitamin, minerals and enzymes. What is left after the juice extraction is a dry fibrous pulp. Unlike commercial centrifugal juicers, these cold-pressed juicers ensure a maximum yield of unheated fresh juices with live enzymes which contains so much more nutrients than any other regular juices sold at the hawker food centre in Singapore.

There has also been a recent fad of going for cold-pressed juice cleanses in Singapore but a bottle of organic cold-pressed juice can cost up to $10! It’s definitely more economical to simply buy a juicer back home to make healthy juices for yourself.


With the Green Star, you can even make nut milk and ice cream! But during this workshop, they showed us how to make almond milk using a mini blender. This dairy-free alternative is not only tasty but also easier for the body to digest. It’s great for those who are lactose-intolerant.


We also taught how to make breakfast oatmeal which is refrigerated overnight for the oats to get soften.


This simple recipe is so easy to follow that I’ve been almost eating overnight-soaked oatmeal almost every other day for breakfast. All you will need to do is to soak oatmeal and chia seeds in honey water along with any sliced fruits of your choice.


Mango-banana chia seed oatmeal with honey

It’s cold,refreshing and filling too! It tasted almost like a dessert.


Lastly, we were shown how powerful and versatile Green Star is as a juicer and an ice cream maker as it churns out cold and creamy pure fruit ice cream ‘sorbets’.


Made using 100% mangoes with no added sugar or milk. This is how we should enjoy our sweet treats!


Packs of frozen durian were taken out of the freezer to be stuff right into this Green Star machine.


A slurry of durian ice cream… yum!


Fit For Life Centre carries a whole range of quality juicers from masticating juicers to the Green Star cold press twin gear juicer used in the workshop. Their prices range from about S$500 to S$1000.

If you are keen to see a live demonstration of the juicer in action and taste the quality juices, please call them at 62918080 to arrange an appointment.

Blk 462, Crawford Lane, Unit 02-55
Singapore 190462
Tel: (65) 6291 8080

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