Mango, Berries, Kiwis and Banana Fruit Platter : Fruits or meat?


One of the reasons why vegetarians and vegans are in support of a plant based diet is not only because fruits and vegetables are healthier but it also the fact that fruits and vegetables are more appealing to us humans as compared to a slab of raw meat. Picture this: fruit platter or a uncooked red juicy meat platter?

I’ve read about this in The 80/10/10 book written by Dr Douglas Graham where he provided a long list of reasons why humans are design in such a way to consume fruits and vegetables. But one reason which stood out most to be is the fact that natural living foods are more appealing to us. Meat only look appetizing when it is cooked and heavily seasoned with herbs, salt and other condiments to mask the raw taste of meat. Only carnivores like tigers and eagles enjoy the sight of meat and as for us, we are more inclined to pick up sweet scented and brightly coloured fruits. It pretty much makes alot of sense, right? Well, it just give me more assurance about sticking to a vegetarian diet.


Sometimes, I would have only fruits for lunch which might raise a lot of eyebrows as people always use to think that eating fruits isn’t filling enough. Well, the truth is that eating purely fruits is sufficient for us if we eat in abundance. I’m not talking about one to two bananas. I’m talking about 5 to 6 bananas which could be paired along with other fruits like berries. That explains why raw vegans love preparing their colourful fruit platter with a variety of fruits served on the platter. I guess being able to eat in abundance is also another factor which attracted me to keep up to this diet.


My mum thinks that my body lacked of the essential nutrients on a vegetarian diet and my friends believe that I might give up one day and start eating meat again. All I can say is that my body is still of energy, with skin glowing, and having regular periods. And I do hope that I could stick to this diet for a long time and maybe even progress to a vegan diet where I abstain myself from dairy products. As for now, I putting alot of effort in making sure my meals are well-balanced and follow what my body asked for.

In a few weeks time, I am going to do a health checkup to see if everything’s going okay in my body!
Keeping fingers cross!

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