Naturade Total Soy : Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake


Weight has always been an issue for me – well, I’m practically have been weight issues almost every other day since I was a kid. It’s only a year ago where I decided that I should do something about it so as to look great and stay healthy. After I have embarked on this one-of-a-kind fitness journey,  I was surprise that I managed to stay committed till today. Eating clean and exercising regularly has now been part of my lifestyle habits which I can’t do away with. I’ve even begin to appreciate my body and love putting it to the challenge. But to overcome the difficult hurdles in sports, I would need to build on strength. Building on strength meant that I would need to build on some solid muscles in order to support my own body weight using my arms. And what’s the essential building block for muscles is protein.

Should I take protein supplements like protein shakes, just like all the other gym warriors do? It does seems like it’s a pretty cool thing to drink shakes after your workout as you mindfully tell your body this, “Grow muscles grow!” But does drinking protein shakes make me as a woman too buff and muscular? I had no intention of training myself to look like The Hulk’s wife, really.

I was so tempted to try protein shakes anyway so I went on iHerb to source for healthier protein shakes. Since I had no one to recommend what’s good so I went for the bestselling product that has everyone writing good reviews about it. The most popular product turns out to be a meal replacement shake for weight loss by Naturade. Its label read, ‘Naturade Total Soy Meal Replacement shake: Chocolate’. But the top right hand corner says, ‘Delicious Protein Shake’. So maybe it’s a meal replacement-cum-protein shake? That is exactly what I need! To loose weight and to gain muscle mass.

I’ve been drinking it ever since but not entirely on a daily basis. On those days where I drank right after working out, I felt that my muscles were stronger as I felt that my body was getting stronger after each workout. But once I stop drinking it for a couple of weeks, I felt my body wasn’t as strong as before. I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t the psychological effect of drinking a protein shake that would make my muscles grow as the effects of drinking this shake is really quite noticeable.

So does it helps you to lose weight? I didn’t drink it as a meal replacement but rather as a post-gym snack as I still felt hungry after a workout. But after reflecting and penning down my thoughts for this post, I might want to replace my dinner with this chocolate soy shake instead and see if it promotes weight loss as what many of the reviewers have mentioned that it works.

But I guess you don’t necessarily need to just consume the shake on its own as you can jazz it up with fruits or muesli to add some fibre to the drink. If not, you will get sick of drinking the same glass of chocolate soy shake every day. Wouldn’t you?

As for now, I still need to train hard in order to increase my metabolic rate and muscles mass.

Today’s Sunday and my body is aching from Friday’s workout…

Need a break.

Back to the gym tomorrow!

Grow, muscles, grow.


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