Spicy Orange Vegan Salad Recipe


I love serving salads with homemade salad dressings that has a sour and spicy edge to it because it gives the salad a little kick. To make the salad dressing more appetizing, I would add apple cider vinegar and some sesame seed oil. When it comes to making dressings, I will be a little more adventurous with the ingredients I use – adding a little of spices and herbs here and there to see how all the flavors can blend together in harmony.

For the greens, I like to add slices of oranges into salads for that refreshing sweet citrus taste that pairs so well with the spicy creamy-based salad dressings. Pairing juicy fruits like oranges or tomatoes with the leafy greens also make the salad taste less drying on the throat and easier to swallow and digest in the body.

To make creamy salad dressings, I would either use avocado or nuts like cashews or macadamia to give it that creamy texture, looking pretty much like mayonnaise. However, for this salad recipe, I used the organic sunflower seed oil dressing which I bought from the organic section at NTUC Xtra, JEM.  To save time, I would turn to these alternatives but wherever possible, I would try to make the dressings from scratch.

Spicy Orange Vegan Salad Recipe


Organic sunflower seed oil dressing by Melrose (2 tablespoons)
Sesame seed oil (1/2 teaspoon)
Fresh Orange juice (2 tablespoons)
Cayenne pepper
Salad greens

Mini tomatoes
Basil leaves
Romaine lettuce
Organic pumpkin seeds


These days, salads are often serves as a side dish but the thing is salads could be eaten as a main dish when the proportion of ingredient is upped. As always, I prefer to prepare salads at home because it can be really costly to salads at restaurants or cafes. I just couldn’t figure out why salads are always charged at exorbitant prices.

Enjoy a huge bowl of salad, folks! Don’t go stingy on greens.

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