The Neon Gym Chic

I’ve been hitting the gym so often that I thought it’s time for me to invest in comfortable yet chic gym wear that I would not only look great but also feeling confident about my body. 
It is only recently that I started to wear sleeveless sports top and tight-fitting capri pants and tops. Previously, I would pair a simple dry-fit tee with cotton three-quarter pants. It was comfy but I didn’t felt as fantastic as I was when I’m in bright pink singlet paired with a yellow neon sports bra I bought from Forever 21. Now I totally understood where regular gym-goers prefer to wear a little lesser ; it’s purely because when you wear less, you are able to see more of the muscle definition and body shape as you exercise while checking yourself out in the mirror. And you know what? The more you admire yourself in the mirror, the more confident you will feel about yourself and the more you will begin to love yourself and your body. That’s exactly what fitness is all about. #StrongIsSexy.
Below are some of my favourite female sports wear from Zalora that are versatile and chic-looking. I love pieces that are bright, fun or conspicuous but yet not too loud or else you will be seen as someone too showy and over the top. So let’s say if I’m wearing a bright top with prints, I would pair it with an all-grey capri yoga pants. Following the fashion rules, choose one statement piece and pair it with something more basic.
I’m now more confident about showing my arms more but less so on my legs. Time to motivate myself to tone up those jiggly legs!

Nike Printed G87 Tank
Nike Define Bra
(Baby blue)

Puma Gym Loose Cuffed Capri

Ripcurl Mint Shimmer Backpack
Asics Electro 33 Women’s Running Shoe
(Blazing Yellow, Silver, Mint Electro)
Train mean, eat clean and stay lean.
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