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3 Different Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives: Hempseed milk, Oatmilk, Banana milk


Forget about nutmilk as they are other milk alternatives besides using nuts to make milk! I tried out three other varieties of milk using hemp seeds, baby oats and bananas! Below are 3 super easy recipes which you can make your very own non-dairy milk in less than 3 minutes.


Hemp Seed Milk

The only difficulty about making hemp seek milk is to purchase raw shelled hemp seeds. It’s not widely available in all supermarket or health food stores in Singapore yet but I do wish that they would bring in more of such unique seed variety because hemp seeds contains not only omega fatty acids but also protein, vitamins and minerals that are essential to the functioning of the body. It’s a wholesome type of superfood which is great to supplement your diet.

And to ‘milk’ down all its nutrients, you simple got to add about 2 cups of water in a blender filled with 1/2 cup of hemp seeds and blend till smooth and frothy. There isn’t a need to strain the milk because the seeds were already crushed into smaller granules.

The taste of hemp seed milk might have this slight raw greens taste but it can be covered easily with it is mixed with other ingredients to make a smoothies or salad dressings. It also has a nice thick and creamy texture that is great to thicken up salad dressings.



I used baby oats and blended it with some water in a ratio of 1 is to 2. It’s best to strain the milk to remove the fibre if you want a smoother consistency. Otherwise, you can enjoy the oat milk itself with the tiny bits of fibre. As compared to the hemp seed milk, oat milk has got a rather milder and more neutral taste. It’s also more watery and thinner in texture. I like soaking chia seeds in oatmilk because the chia seeds simply just absorbs all the water content and makes the overall mixture thicker.


Banana Milk
Banana milk tasted absolutely yummy when it’s blended with dates. All you need to do is to blend bananas with some water, then add a couple of dates to sweeten and thicken up the milk. Banana milk is great for making smoothies because it helps to sweeten it up. Unlike other types of milk, banana tends to oxidize faster. When it oxidizes, it will turn slightly brown and it doesn’t taste as fresh anymore. So, it’s best consume immediately after you have blended it with water.


Try out all these easy milk alternatives and let me know which is your favourite one!

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