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Lately, I’ve been shopping. Shopping for health foods, grocery and fitness wear. I spent most of my money on these things to keep up with my lifestyle. I put on my fitness almost every other day and my closet is beginning to be filled with dri-fit tees, capri pants and sports bra. That’s my usual gym outfit combination.

There are few places where I like to get my gym wear. I would usually buy from Royal Sporting House during their monthly sales especially on brands like Puma and Reebok or either at Cotton On where they offer fashionable chic gym outfit but of lower quality. Those sports bra bought from Cotton On didn’t provide that support anymore after subsequent washes. But their capri yoga pants’ pretty good.

When I discovered that Forever21 (F21) has also started to come up with their own sportswear line, I was excited. I was so enthralled so see their collection of gym wear that is drenched with bright neon colours that would light up anyone’s life.

Their sports collection items runs out pretty fast so I had to be quick.

Here’s my F21 gym wear spree:


I love pairing this yellow neon sports bra with a bright-coloured tank top. It gets all the attention needed and it did keeps me alert while I was working out.


It provided medium support and it’s really comfy for a sports bra that cost only SGD$25.


I love, love, love their capri pants that is so soft and stretchy. It’s one of the most comfortable capri pants I had in my wardrobe. When I went back to F21 to look for more capri pants, I couldn’t find it anymore. Please bring in more of these gymwear, F21!

If I remembered correctly, this 3/4 capri pants costs me $29.


It’s made using a high quality material that can withstand wear and tear even after several washes. Great for yoga, spinning and dancing too!


I usually like to buy a full gym outfit at one go. So I paired the neon yellow bra top with grey capri pants and neon pink tank top.

Time to show off those muscular arms of mine.

Yes, I actually got a little muscular over my shoulder and arms area and you can only see the muscle definition when I am working out, flexing those biceps. Sometimes I looked into the mirror and got spooked out by how manly my shoulders look.

Less weights training for now.

You go girl!


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