Gryphon Tea Company: Pearl of The Orient – Perfumed Teas

Pearl of The Orient
Jasmine Pearl Green Tea with Moroccan Rose
by Gryphon Tea Company
If you love the scent of jasmine, roses and green tea leaves, then you would also love Pearl of The Orient. It’s a floral-infused tea which I made me go crazy over after having my first sip. This beats Earl Grey because the acidity in green tea is more subtle than in black tea.
You know how scents that invoke a feeling or an emotion inside you? Drinking tea is pretty similar, especially floral perfumed teas that made me garner thoughts of love, fantasy and romance.

Besides the feel-good sensations that come along with it, you will also get to enjoy the immense health benefits of drinking green tea.

 Gryphon’s Tea is a newly added product to my tea collection. Though it’s price is on the higher-end, I think it’s worth the purchase especially when it is so unique and pleasant to taste. 
It’s way cheaper to purchase this box of tea at Cold Storage than to enjoy sipping Gryphon tea at cafes. A cup of Gryphon Tea is normally priced around $4 where a tea sachet, purchases from Cold Storage only works out to be less than a dollar.
It’s a dollar cheaper if you purchase their tea online from their online store.
In terms of quality, this is comparable to TWG teas.
The teas are freshly blended in Singapore with essential oils and it is made from top quality hand picked tea leaves sourced from the world’s best tea regions.
You might not know this but actually, Gryphon Tea Company is a local brand. Its founder is Lim Tian Wee, a local-born tea merchant.
Three cheers for Singapore!
This perfumed tea makes a good tea go with the sweet afternoon treats too.
The little tea buds will blossom as the tea sachet is steeped in hot water.
Its tea leaves are so fragrant that it can soak again and again.

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