Luxurious Voluminous Curls with John Frieda : Below $20 Salon Calibre Hair Products


Flat hair ain’t sexy whereas voluminous hair is. It would be perfect if I can achieve that effortless salon-hair-ready look right at home using simple products and tools to give my hair that oomph.

These days, salon hair products are made readily more available to the masses so I guess that there’s no excuses for us not getting that beautiful shiny locks which we have always wanted.

Recently, I’ve been testing out John Frieda’s Luxurious Voluminous series which does a decent job in making my hair feels so much lighter after shampooing and styling. I’m loving their Touchably full shampoo that gives my hair that airy and light feel after a good wash and their styling products that adds almost no weight at all on those hair strands! It’s mild, effective and totally addresses my needs of overcoming the slight frizz and giving my hair some boost that makes my face looks smaller and the back of my head looks much rounder. My hair’s rather flat and fine. I’m only thankful that I’m not facing a hair loss issue here.

This actually isn’t my first John Frieda’s experience as I have used their Frizz Ease series before. It totally helped tame down my frizz a lot especially with their serums. I was only fortunate to be invited to enjoy another John Frieda experience where I get to try out their Luxurious Voluminous series except that this time, the hair professionals at NEXT salon will be managing my hair. It’s the ultimate John Frieda Blowout day where I got literally blown away by the bouncy curls they styled for me.


Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo (250ml)

The Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo preps fine hair strands without stripping hair for a naturally soft feel. It’s got a clear formula which works great because I prefer using such shampoos.  The scent is pretty soothing and the product lathers up quite well.

I don’t know about you but I find that there’s a stark difference in getting someone to shampoo your hair between you doing it yourself. It was more enjoyable to just let someone do a thorough hair wash and scalp massage while you seat comfortably on the armchair. Back at home, I had to workout my biceps while shampooing. It’s a great exercise but the effect is somewhat different. Maybe I am using the wrong shampooing technique? I should go for a course on that.

Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Conditioner (250ml, 50ml)

The Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Conditioner preps fine hair to build
fullness while weightlessly conditioning and detangling stands for a natural soft feel. The product formula looks milky but it is light, not too rich at all as compared to the conditioner in the Frizz Ease series.


Two different product textures: Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo (left) and Luxurious Volume Touchably Full conditioner (right)


To be honest, I hardly style my hair because I find it cumbersome to tie my hair into a bun or to curl my hair. But I knew I couldn’t just let these two awesome styling products left sitting on my dressing table. I had to put good use to it – in particular the Luxurious Volume Building Mousse.


Luxurious Volume Building Mousse (200ml)

The Luxurious Volume Volume Building Mousse creates all-over volume by
thickening fine strands for full styles without a sticky feel. All I needed to do is to shake the can up, dispense a small amount of mousse into my palms and distribute evenly through towel-dried hair, from root to tip. It holds on to the curls pretty well!


The mousse itself is ultra fine and fluffy – almost looking like a marshmallow cloud.

I hoping that my hair would grow long soon so that I could create that Vanessa Hudgen’s type of voluptuous waves! It’s way sexier and more feminine.

Loving that bounce in my waves!
Overall, I think you should give this a try because pricing wise, these salon quality products are affordable and ain’t too expensive as compared to other salon brand products.

You could also experience the John Frieda Day where you can get your tresses treated with John Frieda products! From September, John Frieda will be dedicating a day every month for consumers to try out John Frieda products at John Frieda’s House of Experts’s salons.The next John Frieda® Day will take place on 28 September at Evolve Salon at Liang Court, with our John Frieda® House of Experts, Ken Hong. It is open to all for free. You can sign up via

.For more information, you can check out their official Facebook page ( or follow then on Instagram (@JohnFriedaSG).

John Frieda® is available at selected Watsons, Guardian and Cold Storage outlets.

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