MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask

The skin around our eye areas is one of the most delicate areas and I often find it challenging to upkeep it because it’s not easy to find the right type of product for your eye area. Without sufficient rest and sleep, dark eye circles and eye bags would start to appear and it made me look really exhausted, lifeless and half-dead – almost like zombie so to speak.
But I’ve started to use several eye products lately to upkeep the health of my eyes as well as the skin around it. Eye gels that have lifting effects are great because it really prevents my eyes from drooping further which would make me look even more sleeping and tired. Another great products which I’ve been using lately is a steam eye mask by MegRhythm. It’s pretty similar to a heat pad except that it gives off a nice aroma and it suitable for placing it over the eyes.
MegRhythm Steam Eye Masks comes in 4 different varieties: Fresh Rose aroma, Lavender-sage aroma, Chanomile-ginger aroma and unscented. You should get the scented ones because it’s very uplifting and pleasant to be breathing in sweet-scented air as the eye mask radiates out to boost circulation in the eye area.
Once the packet of mask is opened, the eye mask will start to warm up till 40 degree celsius and you instantly feel relaxed as the gentle heat melts away all the tension in the eye. After leaving the mask on for 10 minutes, my eyes certainly felt more relax and I find that my eye would also look less puffy the next morning.
The product information stated that steam would released from the eye mask but I didn’t felt much moisture or the steam encircling my eyes. I only felt this nice gentle warmth which envelops my eye that really relaxes my pair of tired eyes. The soothing floral scents from the eye mask further relaxes the eyes.It felt really comfortable to have that eye mask resting on my eyes as I close my eyes and lay in bed.
It would great if the instructions is written in English! Though I can’t read the Japanese characters, I could understand the instructions of using the product quite accurately through the diagrams.
The materials used for the mask is smooth and soft which gives more comfort to the eyes.
On the underside of the mask is two ear flaps which hooked to the back of your eyes for support.

Just simple slip out the ear hooks and hook them around your ears. And be prepared to have your eyes entering a sauna room.

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Available at all Watsons and Guardian stores.

Price: $6.50 per box (5 pieces of masks)

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