Meraki Yoga : Hot Yoga Boutique Studio in the West


“Let’s start with Ujjayi breathing.”
“It would sound like the ocean waves, receding over the sand and pebbles.”
The imagery of the tropical beach with sparkling white sand and dazzling blue waters started forming in my head and here I was, at a hot yoga studio in Meraki Yoga, feeling so connected with my body, mind and soul. With a minute or so, I was already breaking out in sweat as the tension in my muscles started to melt away with the warmth radiating from the ground and heater. By the time, the class was about to end, my whole yoga top and pants were drenched with sweat. It might seem disgusting with all those sweat that made you feeling clammy and sticky but believe me, it’s very liberating and ‘shiok’ after sweating it all out. It’s akin to climbing up to the peak of the mountain and releasing a loud scream or screaming your lungs out on a roller coaster ride. 
I guess that’s hot yoga is in trend now. It’s cool and it’s way much better for your body than spending your time drinking away in a club.
If not for the fact that my gym doesn’t offer hot yoga classes, I would not have to seek elsewhere to do hot yoga. There are several hot yoga studios in Singapore but I was earnestly looking for a hot yoga studio in the west that houses experienced and inspiring yoga instructors too. And heaven knows best and base on the law of attraction, I’ve discovered Meraki Yoga at One-North, a sleek boutique yoga studio located in the west of Singapore. It’s not only located in my precinct but it’s also a stone throwaway from my gym. The location is accessible as it’s about 10 minutes walk from Buona Vista MRT station and 5 minutes walk from One-North MRT station.


The space is limited but it’s furnished with two yoga studios, changing rooms, showering facilities equipped with toiletries and a cosy lounge located on the second floor. There’s a water dispenser on the second floor too. Everything here is kept simple and tidy but sufficient to the needs of a yogi – a water fountain, great quality towels and showering facilities.

Yes, the towels are so soft and fluffy that I can die!

The changing room is pretty spacious on its own. There’s even space for some extra stretching and cool down exercises while trying to cool down after an intense hot yoga session.

It’s all these little details like providing moisturizer, cotton pads and powder and other toiletries that you make you feel homely and pampered at the same time. It’s the thought and effort that goes behind this vanity table that looks so pretty and attractive. Did I forget to mention that it makes a great spot for selfies too?


Yay to eco-friendly beauty products!


Everything here looks brand new and you can’t help to feel so refreshed, like starting out anew when you’re here.


Another beautiful spot to just sit down, flip through some magazines and do some chatting up with other yoga enthusiasts while waiting for the next yoga class to commence.


They are selling some really unique yoga wear too.

They’ve got a pretty good range of yoga classes too – from Hatha, Yin, Core to Hot Classic classes. It’s a pretty beginner-friendly yoga studio too. So if you are new to yoga, you could try out their beginners class or Hatha to learn more about the yoga basic moves before moving on to try out other classes. Sometimes, it does feel really intimidating to be practicing yoga with the advanced yogis who could move swiftly from one pose to another pose like a pro. But if the instructor is encouraging, patient and supportive, you wouldn’t feel out of place at all. I’ve yet to attend the other yoga classes taught by the instructors at Meraki Yoga but through my conversations with the Meraki Yoga members, the yoga classes were fantastic! I had already did one session of hot yoga at Meraki Yoga and I couldn’t agree more! Really hope to head back there for more classes soon!

Meraki Yoga

7 One North Gateway
One North Residences #01-15
Singapore 138642
T: 68723711 / 91727712


Here’s a video by Meraki Yoga.

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