Nestle Fitnesse Chocolate : Nana Ice cream Chocolate Treat


Woke up to an early Saturday morning to see this huge paper bag tied with a white ribbon on the dining table, waiting to be unravelled.


What’s in it?

It’s a ‘choc-ful’ of madness from NESTLÉ !

They sent me their new NESTLÉ FITNESSE Chocolate cereal product that is consisted of crispy whole grain flakes which are high in fiber and folic acid. What’s making it popped is the crunchy cereal flakes which are drenched in all the goodness of the delectable chocolates. It’s almost like Coco Krunch but it’s way more tastier and diet-friendly.
NESTLÉ FITNESSE Chocolate contains 46% Whole Grain and 2.0g (per serve) of fiber. It also contains 8 vitamins and minerals including Calcium, Iron and Vitamin E!

I couldn’t resist so I decided to have it for breakfast – with some guilt-free vegan banana ice cream or a.k.a Nana ice cream. It’s a healthier way of fueling your body with energy to kick start your day.

Seriously, drop that plate of fried noodles and Nasi Lemak. You can have ice cream for breakfast – which prepared in raw vegan style.

Nana Ice cream Chocolate Treat Recipe


1 frozen banana ( thinly sliced into coins)
1/2 cup Nestle Fitnesse Chocolate cereals
1 teaspoon of pure peanut butter
1/2 teaspoon of dessicated coconut flakes

Here’s how you do it!


1. Fill up the jar/bowl with Nestle Fitnesse Chocolate cereals.

2. Blend the chopped frozen bananas with a food processor/blender. ( Read my previous recipes on how to make banana-only ice cream here.)

2. Scoop up the mashed frozen banana ice cream and lay it over the cereals in the jar. Drizzle some melted peanut butter and sprinkle desiccated coconut flakes right on top.

NESTLÉ FITNESSE Chocolate cereal is now available at major supermarkets, with a recommended retail price of $6.70 per pack.

The other suprise was a decadent chocolate cake from Awfully Chocolate.


It’s awfully dark, rich and luscious.


Look what’s at the base of the cake! They used Nestle Fitnesse Chocolate flakes to make the crunchy base of the cake. Instead of using graham crackers or digestive biscuits to make the cake base, try using cereal flakes!
They say life’s like a box of chocolates.
 Because in it,
You will find a ‘choc-full’ of surprises.

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