SeafoodFest@The Square Restaurant, Novotel Clarke Quay : A Buffet for Seafood Lovers (Vegetarian-friendly)


I’ve got a love-hate relationship with buffets. On one hand, buffets make you feel like a royalty. You are spoilt for choice with the copious amount of food and wide selection of delicacies to pile on your empty plate. There’s also the joy of placing yummy-looking stuff to decorate your ‘white and round canvas’ as well as the feel-good factor of being able to eat in abundance.
On the other hand, buffets tend to make us overeat. Overstuffing ourselves with the must-try-or-else-it’s-wasted type of food and the expensive-so-I-must-eat-more type of food like sashimi, foie gras, oyster and crab. The greed in us sets in and it’s beckoning us to make worth of the money we paid for each buffets.
But after learning how to eat clean and well, I do practice portion control and begin to appreciate a lot more about food and nutrition. So going for buffets is no longer just a stomach bulging session where I could eat till I drop, rather, it’s now like a food indulgent session where I get to expose my tastebuds to a variety of food in one meal. It’s almost like going for a food tasting session. It’s even better if you are going for buffets with a particular theme so that you know what is the main targeted dish you should head for. If you are going for a chocolate buffet, for instance, would you fill up half of your stomach with their side dishes like salads? 
One of the more popular buffet themes in Singapore that would excite both locals and foreigners is seafood. It’s a pretty unique theme as not many countries over the world offers a wide selection of fresh seafood like we do here in Singapore. Even our signature local dish, chili crab, comes from the ocean. And if you are a seafood lover, you are in a treat for this season as SeafoodFest returns to The Square Restaurant at Novotel Clarke Quay with the freshest seafood haul from the sea.

For the months of July, August and September, be ready to get pampered with their new selection of fresh seafood delicacies with international flavors, from sashimi to roasted meat like chicken Shawarma and live cooking stations at The Square Restaurant!


The Square Restaurant spans across quite a large area and is able to accommodate a large crowd of diners. The interior is especially stunning and they’ve got a great view overlooking Clarke Quay area while it becomes lively at night.


I came here on a Saturday night around 6.30pm and the crowd starts coming in at 7 plus. So if you want the best seats, do drop by early!


As most of you would know, I have just started on a vegetarian diet which consisted mainly of fruits and vegetables. And no, I wasn’t going to make this meal an exception and start gorging down on meat and seafood because surprisingly, there are vegetarian options here at The Square Restaurant and even the buffet itself. As for the seafood portion, I brought my mum along who is super skilled and experience at eating shelled seafood like crab. I guess she’s naturally born seafood eater because I’ve never seen anyone who could clean out all the crab meat from its shell. I knew I had to bring her here when I first receive the invitation to attend this buffet session.


Their international buffet line was quite impressive too with it’s salad bar, local dessert delights and chocolate fountain.


The seafood galore started right at this table.

Seafood on Ice: White Clams, Tiger Prawns, Baby Lobsters, Oysters and Salmon Bellevue.


Pan seared Barramundi with anise sauce


Live cooking stations.

It’s really nice to have the food serve piping hot here.


Traditional Spanish Seafood Paella, Sea bass with tomato and herb salsa


They even serve Singapore chili crab too! And if you’re a tourist visiting Singapore, the true Singapore experience is never complete until you’ve tried our Singapore Chili crab and other local delicacies.

Yes, there’s a abundance of it so you don’t really have to queue, push or snatch.


I know right. This is insane!
I wonder which other buffet restaurants in Singapore actually serve Chili crab.


Local flavors dishes includes Crab Meat Fried Rice, Singapore Chilli Crab and the all-time favorite
– Oyster Omelette at the live cooking station.


Oyster Omelette


Fresh Salad Bar 

The salad bar is superb with the jars after jars of salad dressings and condiments to add to your salad. Which ever ingredient you can find in gourmet salads are actually made available at this Salad Bar section. This is indeed heaven for salad lovers like myself!


There are a variety of salad combinations to whey your appetite before you start digging into the seafood delicacies.


The most sinful and decadent part of the buffet line : Chocolate fountain! It never fails to capture my attention and thank goodness, chocolate doesn’t contain traces of meat otherwise I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this happy-hormone boosting food.


Fruit frenzy!

I wish they had serve bigger slices of it though!


Moving on to desserts, they’ve got cakes, ice cream, tarts, soups, puddings… from asian to western flavours. They

You will be spoilt for choice.


Kueh Lapis!


Fruit tarts


While my mum ate all the wonderful and juicy La fruit de mer (fruits of the sea), I had salads and other vegetarian dishes like the avocado bruschetta and vegetarian mushroom risotto which the folks at Novotel who have so kindly ordered for me.

I was so in love with their version of avocado bruschetta that I was inspired to make my own at home.


It’s a jar filled with shallots, diced tomatoes, avocado, oranges, celery and eggs. I drizzle the special concocted sauce of the jarful of ingredients and mixed it. The avocados and tomatoes goes especially well with the crispy slices of toast.



While I had my veggies, my mum ate all of these…


Mushroom risotto with a strong cheesy flavour


I was so full by the time I started eating the risotto so I headed straight for desserts.


Here’s my fruit platter creation: fruits drizzled with warm milk chocolate!


Vegetarian approved.

I really like the fact that restaurants these days are stepping up to cater to their customers’ dietary requirements. It just goes to show much thought and effort is put into ensuring customer satisfaction.


The SeafoodFest and International Buffet is available at The Square restaurant at Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay on every Friday and Saturday night starting 4th of
July 2014 for the next three months. So, start ‘diving’ into the sea for some lip-smacking fresh seafood!

C’mon down soon before the crabs start crawling back to the shores!

The Square Restaurant ( Level 7)
Novotel Clarke Quay

  • 177A River Valley Road
  • Singapore 179031

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