Singapore International Jewelry Expo @ Marina Bay Sands

I was at one of the finest and glitziest event of the year and after attending the event, I was still seeing diamond in my eyes. It was my first time viewing so many diamonds and gemstones all at one go.

This year’s Singapore International Jewelry Expo has more than US$120 million worth of exhibits of the largest collection of diamonds and rare, natural gemstones by 200 exhibitors from 20 countries. This event brought together both
local and international jewelers, manufacturers and suppliers who showcased a truly
magnificent trove of jewelry, gems and accessories to both members of the trade and public.

I actually wish that I had the time to attend some of the seminars and jewelry fashion shows to learn more about these precious stones and this industry that definitely thriving. There seems to be a growing number of investors who appreciates the value of these precious stones and chose to invest in them.

Here are some highlights of the event:


The White Fire

A 50.55 carats white diamond
by Luxe Jeweler, De Gem

This exceptionally rare diamond is almost flawless and to have diamond that display such brilliance is what make this stone worth US$10 million dollars. The White Fire was kept in a glass display case which was cordoned by rope stands so I could only view it about an arm length away.

Diamonds or humans? Which one worth more?

That’s how much we humans value diamonds.


Another interesting booth was by Yuli Inc Fine Jewelry who created a gem bar to help customers to create and design their own personalized jewelry. They actually collaborated with Raffles College of Higher Education to cultivate potential young and aspiring jewelry designers. I actually spoken to one of the jewelry designer students who provides on-the-spot jewelry sketching services at the booth. How cool is that? Very soon, we will have a pool of local jewelry designers. Our country seriously needs a variety of such interesting occupations.

Yuli Inc has their own flagship store at Palais Renaissance.


The land of emerald.

Fine Columbian Emerald Pte Ltd

Emerald happens to be the birth stone for those born in the month of May. It’s a symbol of fertility, rebirth and goodness. It also restores youth and improve self-worth. Gosh, I am totally in need of that stone to give me those powers of restoration!

 I am a May baby too and I should have bought back an emerald, shouldn’t I? I might have run into a better luck with the birth stone hung around my neck, close to my heart.


The jeweler was kind enough to let me have a feel of these emeralds.


Emerald in its natural form.

How beautiful!




 I am really starting to get acquainted at recognizing and understanding the beauty of these precious stones while touring the various exhibits.


See those clear crystal-like stones? Those are called moon stones.



These shades screams gold, baby!


I could totally envision a billionaire wearing a gold encrusted spectacles in his reading room.


Precious stones could be use to decorate almost every other item on earth. Maybe there should be a bed frame encrusted with precious stones too so that you will still feeling rich even as you dream.

It would be interesting if these precious stones could be paired up with our trendy everyday wear but it’s unlikely that most people who afford to wear such expensive jewelry in broad daylight to get robbed. So I guess these days people would rather purchase these stones as a form of investment rather than wearing it on themselves as accessories. Well, this is something really interesting to consider, huh?

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