Sweet Pineapplicious Green Juice ( Immunity Booster)


This sweet pineapple juice is a sweet juice concoction that has some greens in it to ad some alkalinity to the juice.  It’s sweetness instantly brings you to the tropics. Think Hawaii.

Pineapples: High in Vitamin C

Oranges : High in Vitamin C

Carrots: High in Vitamin A, K, antioxidants (carotenoids)

Basil leaves : High in Vitamin K , anti-bacterial properties

I’ve also added some leafy greens but I had no idea what it is but it has this distinctive strong celery taste. But you could definitely replace this with any sort of vegetables like spinach.


This is one of the best juice combination because the pineapples make it taste really sweet.

Right now, I’m juicing once every two weeks as I’m beginning to be able to stuff more fruits and vegetables into my tummy. Yes, I’m now eating bigger bowls of salads and fruits.

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