The Beauty of Bar Soaps


Other than just sticking to fruits and greens in my diet, I also wanted to my lifestyle to be as eco-friendly and animal-friendly as possible. Switching my everyday beauty products to a more vegan-friendly products is one of such steps I’m carrying out to lead a mindful and green lifestyle.

I did a review on Shea‘s bath products before and I love their concept of promoting the use of natural and vegetarian-friendly products that contain less harmful chemicals and preservatives. Their bath soaps smelt amazing too!

The products that were of interest to me the most is the African Black Soap and shampoo soap bars. I was happen to be attending an event that day at Clarke Quay so I decided I should drop by at Shea to get some soap bars.

African Black Soap ($12)

This is a highly moisturizing handmade soap which is made purely out of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Virgin Palm Oil. It looks blackish-brown in nature as it also contains the ashes from cocoa pods and shea tree bark and plaintain leaves.

It contains no fragrance and other preservatives which is perfect for those with sensitive skin or skin ailments like eczema. It’s very cleansing indeed and it’s a versatile soap as it could also be use for the face and body.

Storing this sap, however, can be pretty challenging. After using this soap, you will need to leave it dry on a soap holder or container. Never leave them it wet and moist places in the bathroom as the bar of soap will just melt into liquids. That was what happened to me as I left it near the shower head where the water started dripping onto the soap bar.

I got tired of using the African black soap for a while as I’m so use to be using soaps that has a fragrance in it. The whole showering experience would be more delightful if the soap is infused with some sort of a floral fragrance.


Nettle Rosemary and Parsley Shampoo ( You’re Gorgeous) ($9.50)

It’s my first time using a shampoo soap bar to shampoo my hair. Instead of scrubbing my hair with this soap bar, I would lather it up on my hands before shampooing my hair. 
After the first wash, my hair felt very dry, limp and stiff.  My hair felt exactly the way what I was told by the owner from Shea when I first bought this shampoo bar. It is only normal that the hair would turn out this way since my hair has been coated with so much chemicals from the previous shampoo washes. Besides, the shampoo bar contains pretty much a lot of essential oils which would make the hair felt quite stiff and rough. After a few washes and when all the chemicals have been stripped off, my hair would return back to normal. 
It felt exactly like I was having a bad hair day.
But I couldn’t really stand the way my hair felt after using the soap bar so I decided to stop using it as a shampoo but instead, as a bath soap which works really great as it smells really refreshing too. 
Now, I’m trying bath supplies from iHerb instead where I bought their organic shampoos and soaps. I really love their bath products! Stay tune for my next blog post on my recent iHerb purchases!

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