The Watermelon Island


This post was inspired by Rawvana, another inspiring raw foodist that went on a watermelon island. I’ve heard of the banana island diet where you simply spent a few days eating bananas. But watermelon? Why didn’t I think of that? It’s a fruit that is high in water content and contains vitamin C. Well, it does qualifies as a suitable fruit where I could snack on it for the whole day. So I decided to give it a try – spending a day on watermelon island.

For breakfast, I would eat as many slices of watermelon as I could to fill me up for the day. Then I will blend the rest of the melon into a juice form and fill the glass bottles with it. I would grab a bottle of the watermelon juice to work and sip on it whenever I felt that my stomach was growling for food.

It does keep me satisfy for a few hours before I started to get hungry again because the sugars get expended really fast in the body and I kept having to visit the washroom to pee a few times within that few hours. I did felt great after that – as if the juice has washed away all the toxins in my body. And I felt less bloated after expelling all that juice away from my body.


When I reach home in the late afternoon, I would continue stuffing myself with more slices of watermelon till full. Some fear that I maybe consuming too much sugar but the truth is, natural fruit sugars get digested in the body real quick and besides, I was going to head to the gym in the evening for some exercise and I needed that energy and sugar rush to sustain my energy levels.


It’s so much easier to scoop watermelon flesh out of a watermelon bowl than to cut it into slices. You will feel very bloated from eating so much watermelons but the bloating feel does not last very long.

After gym, I would also snack a few slices of melons before hitting the sacks.

The next day, I woke up feeling amazing. It’s almost like giving our body a thorough detox. So I continued to incorporate watermelons into my diet…

It’s so easy to just grab and take a juicy bite out of it.

Love watermelons!

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