Vegan Healthy Snacks: Avocado Bruschetta on Crispibread


I been introduced Bruschetta while dining at a hotel. Bruschetta is an Italian appetizer that consisted of toasted bread rubbed with garlic and topped with a mixture of diced tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper. Some would add some chopped onions, avocado or basil leaves to enhance its flavour. I like my bruschetta to be more flavourful so I am experimenting with several herbs.

Instead of using toasted or grilled bread, I bought this toasted buckwheat crispibread by Orgran from the organic section in a local supermarket. I tend to stay away from consuming bread these days as they contain gluten. This crispibread, however, doesn’t have a bread-like texture so to speak. It tasted more like a biscuit cracker but I really like the dry aromatic taste of it. It goes well with any topping. Besides, you don’t have to toast it since it’s already crispy. In addition, it’s not only gluten free but also soy free, wheat free, dairy free, yeast free and egg free. That makes it a vegan-friendly option.


Packed in a loose but tightly-sealed plastic wrapper.


Ingredients: Buckwheat (68%), Rice, Salt.

Avocado Bruschetta on Crispibread Recipe



Green bell pepper
Basil leaves
Parsley leaves

Lemon juice
Black vinegar
Himalayan salt
Black pepper
1. Chopped and dice all the toppings and toss them into a mixing bowl along with the various seasoning. You could play around with the toppings buy adding your favourite vegetables and herbs.
2. Mix all the ingredients well and then spread it on the slices of crispibread.
3. Serve and get ready to munch!


A great afternoon snack!


The medley of fresh herbs and vegetables with lemon juice is simply amazing. I could never imagine that something so simple could taste so appetizing and refreshing.
Eat clean and go natural!

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