Vivre Active Wear : My Favourite Hot Yoga Top


“Yoga is a journey, not a destination.”

It’s one of my favorite quotes from my yoga teacher whom I’ve been practicing with for almost a year or so now. Though not very consistent but familiar enough to be understand the difficulty and ease of each yoga pose. But recently, I’ve picked up hot yoga at Meraki Yoga and started to find peace and tranquility in practising sun salutations, perfecting each pose and doing deep stretches.

For hot yoga classes, I like to wear like a basic tank top or sleeveless because you are going to be drenched with sweat and it’s going to be really uncomfortable to be wearing a clammy shirt. It’s all about being comfortable so to speak and I found a yoga top which I love to wear for my yoga classes. It’s this V-neck tank top by Vivre Active Wear that has a really lovely strappy back design. It’s versatile, comfy yet sexy at the same time. What’s best about this top is that it comes with a built-in sports bra so you don’t have to invest in another inner wear.


The material is of high quality and very similar to other brands of yoga tops, almost like the swimming costume type of material but breathable.


The built-in bra provides medium support so wearing it for medium-impact sports is quite alright but not for high impact sports or gym activities like body combat.


The V-neck line designs looks very feminine as it really accentuates the bust area.


Besides the v-neck top, I bought a 3-quarter yoga pants from Vivre Active as well! It’s very stretchy and ultra comfy. 


The stitchings on the yoga pants is very important because you wouldn’t want your pants to split while doing a full split.
Comfort is the utmost importance when it comes to active wear. And of course, it got to make you look and feel good so that you will enjoy a greater satisfaction while working out.

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