Dream Bathroom With GROHE @ Grohe Live! Centre + GROHE Dream Bathroom Contest + Grohe E-Voucher

One of the perks of being a media writer or blogger is the opportunity to attend all sorts of events – from beauty, food to home accessories. As an avid learner myself, I am more than happy to attend such events where I might be able to topped up my brain with more fuel to enhance my expertise and knowledge in other areas which I might not have tapped on. Today’s entry is nothing about the usual stuff I would write about but it’s going to be pretty mind-blowing.


I thought I was new to Grohe until I remembered seeing Grohe taps at Marina Bay Sands Shoppes. Numerous luxurious hotels like the Burj Al Arab hotel, the world’s only 7-star hotel, in Dubai also uses GROHE products. It seems like Grohe is one of those popular everyday brands for bathroom sanitary fittings which I probably just didn’t take note of until this recent visit to Grohe Live! Centre where I get to view their range of premium bathroom sanitary fittings. That’s where you could view their showrooms where you could interact and experience with their full spectrum of products.

During the first part of the tour, we were brought through this gallery walk where we learnt about Grohe’s history, innovations and their unique story which sets them apart from other brands. In fact, Grohe is Europe’s largest manufacturer of sanitary fittings. And what is really worth mentioning is Grohe’s contributions to the society, green efforts and their responsibilities for the future. Grohe has its own academy called JAL Academy where training workshops were conducted for young people from impoverished backgrounds at the Don Bosco Learning Centre in Mumbai.

European-themed Bathroom with elegant fittings that you would never have dreamt of. 

GROHE Spa F-digital Deluxe

This is a Spa-inspired bathroom for music lovers where you could immerse yourself in surround sound music as you shower. You could even adjust and control the colours of the lighting, audio and steam functions for that therapeutic treatment.

Photo by GROHE

What’s your favorite bathroom music track? I would love to have a docking station with an Apple iPod Touch 4G with connection that allows me to play karaoke or instrumental music so that I could sing along with in the bathroom. It just makes the whole bathroom a more conducive place to do some vocal training. How awesome is that!

Grohe even has their own collection of spa products!

The GROHE Shower Experience

What type of shower head or experience that you truly fancy? Raindrops or waterfall? You choose! I would love to have one of those shower heads from GROHE’s Rainshower Flower Collection in my dream bathroom.Like the other GROHE showerheads, it is equipped with GROHE DreamSpray technology which ensures precise and consistent water distribution to each individual nozzle, giving you that well and even spray of water. But these colour ‘flowers’ will only be available from the final quarter 2014.

” Oh, raindrops keep fallin’ on my head! “

Source: www.grohe.com

It’s interesting to note how much effort Grohe invested in its design of the shower head and faucets, from the shape, size and even the angle at which the showerhead is the design considerations that help make their user-friendly products of superior quality.

Interaction time with the showerheads! By the touch of a button, watch how the water sizzles out from the nozzles. All showerhead models are equipped with GROHE Ecojoy water-saving technology, which allows the reduction of water and energy consumption. Another feature of Grohe products to note is their use of GROHE Zero alloy which is five times more resistant to corrosion than typical water fittings.

The Dream Bathroom

Check out their luxurious bathrooms with Grohe sanitary fittings and bathroom products!

Sipping a glass of champagne while watching American Idol in a bathtub is so royal-like! It would be way cooler if the shower head could discharge water and spray out fresh mint scents to enhance the whole luxurious bathroom experience.

I prefer this woody, Zen and resort-like design which has lots of elements of nature in embedded in it. It’s pretty close to my ideal bathroom decor. I love nature and I would like my bath products and accessories to be eco-friendly and sustainable. And Grohe products are perfect for that eco-friendly nature bathroom for it’s GROHE Ecojoy technology that saves precious water resources without compromising the enjoyable and luxurious shower experience. The Grohe faucets could also retain their brilliance and shine for a long time thanks to their GROHE StarLight technology as it shields the surfaces against scratching and soiling. That would meant less maintenance and perhaps less cleaning too!

Viewing all these bath showrooms has inspired to start thinking about my dream bathroom. Interestingly, nobody would have ever thought of designing their bathroom since in our local context, most of us live in high-rise buildings where the common bathrooms are usually shared among family members but it would be far more convenient to have your personal bathroom that stores your favorite bath products and accessories.

The GROHE Kitchen

I was very intrigued by Grohe Minta Touch, a water-saving and touch sensitive kitchen faucet which could be turned on by just a single touch! Remember those instances where both of your hands are way too dirty and greasy to turn on the tap? You could now use your wrist or the back of your hand to touch the tap in order to turn it on. How ingenious this innovation is!

Photo by GROHE

After viewing all the luxurious sanitary fittings, I would think that it might not come in pocket-friendly prices. But apparently, Grohe do offers faucets and bathroom products to customers of various budgets to suit any decor and taste.

A little dinner treat at Grohe for the media. So glad that they served fresh tomatoes attached to their vines with lots of greens!

GROHE Dream Bathroom Contest + Grohe 20% Voucher
Dear Beautiful Readers!
Here’s your chance to take home a part of your dream bathroom with the GROHE Bathroom Accessories (worth $321). All you have to do is take a picture of your bathroom, Instagram it, and hashtag using #thedreambathroom, #grohe and #grohesg, and tell us in 50 words or less what to them constitutes a dream bathroom.

Winners will be selected at random by Grohe. This contest ends on 15 November 2014 at 2359hours.
As GROHE aims to provide a unique and luxurious bathroom experience for their users, Grohe is also offering you a chance to get a step closer to the dream bathroom with a 20% discount coupon on regular priced GROHE products (with no minimum purchase required). Simply present the print-out e-voucher or flash voucher n your mobile phone for redemptions.This e-voucher expires on 31 December 2014.

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