Muesli for Breakfast


Breakfast has just got better with something nutritious, nutty and healthy from Macho Moosely. This new kid on the block is out to rock the world with their muesli that comes in 4 different B’s – Brain, Brawn, Beauty and Balance. Now, take your pick.

I had BRAWN thrown right into the package that was delivered right to my doorstep. It’s a mix of rolled oats, pecans, brazil nuts, sweet apricots and coconut flakes. It’s low in fat, dairy-free and vegetarian-friendly.

Freshly baked muesli packed into this resealable air-tight foil pack. What’s best is the fact that it doesn’t contain any preservatives.

Ingredient list: Rolled Oats (45%), Pecans (8%), Brazil Nuts (8%), Apricots (6%), Sweet Potatoes (5%), Bananas (4%), Sesame Seeds (2%), Millet (2%). Plus our delightful mix of Organic Golden Ground Flaxseeds, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Honey, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt and Dessicated Coconut (20%).

Need more breakfast ideas? You don’t always have to eat muesli with milk or yoghurt. Go dairy-free and try these options instead.


Topping up the chia seed pudding with some muesli for that added crunch.

If you like, splash in some almond milk.

Sprinkle over a breakfast oat porridge fruit bowl and that’s a wholesome breakfast with some grains and seeds.

For me, I could eat muesli for all three meals a day.

Who says we have to eat muesli only for breakfast?

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