My New Study Glasses with Zeiss Lens


I am a bespectacled geek who can’t live without her glasses. My degree in short-sightedness has went up to about 700 for my left eye and 650 for my right ever since I was 8. I am far from having that perfect eyesight but recently my degree has notably gone down by 50 degrees for my right eye ever since I was on a vegetarian diet. It’s either I using less of my eyes or the fact that I have been eating tonnes of carrots that even my palms began to turn yellow. Either way, I am glad that my degree went down and I hope it will plunge down sooner so that I could regain perfect eyesight again.


This frame comes for free but my zeiss lens costs me $300 which I kind of regretted for paying such a price. I had no idea why I would so willingly fork out this amount when the optometrist at Nanyang Optical attended to me. She said it is going to be costly because my degree is high and lens need to be kept thin in order to fit the frame nicely. Do you know that Zeiss is also the company that produces lenses for cameras? Yes, my spectacles is as good as a camera lens.

 Oh well, I hope it will be a good investment so that I could see the world with more clarity.

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