Age is Just A Number

‘Hey, do you mind if I ask you what is your real age?’

Do you even have to be so polite? I thought to myself. Maybe because I am still in my twenties so I have no qualms at revealing my age but before I could boldly declared my golden numbers, another lady in her late forties quipped, ” Oh! We are all 18 only.” Chuckles followed among the other older women in our group and the fear of having to reveal their true ages had dissipated.

‘I’m old. You don’t need to know,” one of my colleagues giggled awkwardly.

Sounds familiar?

It might sound like a clever way of diverting the ‘sensitive’ question about age with the inclusion of some wittiness but really, why 18? What about 25, 35, 45 or even 55? Are we women too afraid of revealing how old we are just because being old is undesirable?

According to a new research study done by Dove, only 10 percent of women would reveal their real age. Does that mean to say that the rest of the women think that being old is not beautiful? Age is just a number and we should let it define us in anyway. Instead, beauty is defined by the confidence that radiates from you. What’s considered beautiful and attractive is when you have the confidence to say, “I’m 47, still rocking the world and living the dream.”

If you can embrace yourself wholeheartedly, you will twinkle brightly among the other stars in the night sky.

By asking women How Old Are You, Dove invites women to consider how they feel when they
reveal their age and the impact this has on them everyday.

Watch the film on YouTube and join the conversation at #MyBeautifulSelf on Dove’s Facebook page.

This post is sponsored by Dove, but all thoughts are of my own.

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