Talika : Cleaning the Windows of Our Soul

 I literally didn’t meant scooping out the eyeballs to give it a good wipe when I titled my post as ‘Cleansing the Windows of Our Soul’ but it’s about using specialized beauty products that cares for the eyes. And dare I say that there isn’t quite like a brand quite like Talika which offers a range of products just for your eyes! They’ve got products even for the eyebrow! From eye therapy mask, lash conditioner, eye contour gel, gentle eye cleanser to eye scrub, this parisien beauty brand got all the products you will need to maintain a pair of beautiful eyes. I mean, it’s always the eyes that attract a man’s attention, non?


Talika Lipocils and Black

This Talika’s legendary formula (since 1948) to boost natural eyelash growth is now enhanced to provide long-term natural conditioning for your lashes too. On one side of the mascara wand, the original clear Lipocils gel will help to lengthen your lashes and on the other side, there’s a black mascara to ‘dress up’ your lashes before heading out. It’s the route to immediate seduction.


As compared to other brands of mascaras that I’ve tried, the Lipocil and black mascara gives the lashes a more natural look as the mascara formula is not too thick or tacky, so it coats the lashes rather evenly.


I would usually apply a thin coat of the eyelash growth before applying the black mascara on my cleansed lashes as this helps to condition my lashes even during the day while I am out. You could also apply the gel before your beauty sleep and let the formula work its magic overnight.


The brush applicator looks pretty ordinary, like the older version of mascara wands, but surprisingly, it doesn’t cause much clumping when it is applied to the lashes; though it might be somewhat difficult to apply to the lower lashes.


Lipocils Expert

This Lipocils expert is similar to Lipocils and black except that it doesn’t comes with the black mascara. This is actually a new improved formula that includes all the original ingredients as well as 12 natural plant extracts and silk proteins for longer and fuller-looking lashes.


This applicator allows precise foam-tip application directly to the base of the lashes before combing the lashes with the brush. However, do try to avoid applying the product too close to your eyes as you wouldn’t want any of the product to enter your eyes.

I would apply thinly to across my lashes about every other day and one of the changes I observed after using Lipocils was how my lashes started to grow a little thicker, with an increase growth of lashes as well as the thickness of each lash. Perhaps it has grown a little longer but I find that the lengthening effect was not as obvious as the thickening effect. It’s not noticeable to the eye but whenever I touch my lashes with my fingers, I could feel the difference.


The other eye products which I really like is Talika’s gentle eye cleanser and lash conditioning cleanser. Both are superb eye make up remover that removes mascara and eye make up really well. I would soak the cotton pad with the cleanser and held it firmly against my eyes for about 10 seconds for the product function in the removal of the makeup, dirt and other debris. Both products worked similarly and are effectively in removing eye makeup. So how different are these two products? The lash conditioning cleanser targets specifically at the lashes so if you are using heavy and thick mascaras which might not come off as easily, you might want to try this cleanser. On the other hand, the gentle eye cleanser is an oil-free cleanser suited even for the most sensitive eyes, including contact lens wearer.

The natural plant ingredients found in this product also helps to relieve tension and soothes the eyes. To treat your eyes to a mini spa, you could soak the cotton pads with product and use it as an eye compress.

That’s probably what you will need after putting your eyes to work for hours.

They deserve a break and some pampering, too.


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