The Spa-Lon: Bringing You The Best of Both Worlds with One App

With the heavy workload and immense pressure to do well, it’s no wonder that people are visiting spas and salons just for that much-needed spa retreat experience to pamper themselves. Even for myself, I would visit my regular beauty salon at least once month to get a facial or massage just to ‘beautify’ myself to make me feel better and more confident as a women. Even men these days treated these spa and salon treatments as part of maintaining their health, body and wellness. 
Spa or salon? In today’s context, both terms are indistinguishable. It’s pretty different in the sense that spa often deals with body and wellness like body massages, manicures, pedicures and other types of ‘cures’ to make you feel like King or Queen. Think Balinese resorts, frangipani, lavender and lemongrass. 
 Salons, on the other hand, offers specific treatments for the face or body to treat a certain condition in order to look even more beautiful (sadly) by the standards of what beauty is to the society. Anyhow, there’s nothing wrong about these crazy pursuit of beauty.  But this pursuit to attain that better you is made easier with The Spa-Lon who cleverly integrates the best of both worlds, Spa and Salon, together. It’s made even more exciting when they had just launched their new mobile app!
TheSpa-lon app is both iPhone and Android-friendly.
After downloading this app, you are just one step closer to a delightful Spa-Lon experience. Some of the cool features of this app includes:
1) Able to call and pester them to book an appointment for you
(Do note that the app does not accept direct booking but you can leave your details so that Spa-Lon could contact you personally!)

2) Able to check out their latest promotions, rewards and coupons.
( This isn’t being a cheapo or ‘aunty’. It’s about cost-savings and covering that hole in your wallet.)

3) Able to redeem some of their luxurious free gifts.
(How can you miss out on all the free stuff in this world? I think I forget to mention that this app is free too.)

4) Able to find out more about their services.

( I hope to try out some of their services too! In particular, the body treatment to bust those dimply and unsightly cellulite on my thighs. )

I guess this is what mobile spa experience is all about.

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