Tsubaki Hair Oil : Be the Next Hair Goddess


Hair serum, leave-on conditioner or hair oil? I would definitely have to go with hair oil after trying Tsubaki’s hair oil.

When I first opened up the packaging, I wasn’t expecting much from this product because of the minimal sized packaging and it comes red-tinted glass bottle that looks like a perfume bottle. Since it’s a Japanese made product, from Shiseido, I would expect the product to be pretty decent. But the scent and the fact that it made my hair instantly smooth and soft was way beyond my expectations.

Here I present to you:

A hair oil to bring out the hair goddess in you.


This deeply penetrative hair oil is formulated with a high concentration of camellia to protect, moisturize and nourish the hair strands from deep within. Camellia is a type of flower but Tsubaki uses the oil extracted from the seeds of the fully riped fruits of the camellia plants which are found at Goto islands at Nagasaki, Japan.

True, this is OIL but it doesn’t make your hair greasy or lumpy. I would think it’s a highly refined oil that coats each hair strand thinly to give it a little shine and that smooth finishing.

This product also doubles up as a pre-styling product that protects your hair from UV damage and heat from hair dryers or other styling tools. As such, I like to use it right after I get out of bed in the morning as a ‘sunscreen’ for the hair and just after my hair is partially dry after showering to moisturize it.

Another attractive factor about this product is the elegant green and floral scent that opens up beautifully as you massage the oil into your hair. It’s such a pleasurable experience to smell such an indulgent and feminine scent after a shower. The scent composition includes camellia, rosa rugosa, nanko-ume plum, golden peach and pomegranate. Thus, this product works very much like a perfume for the hair too.

I have very dry and fine hair ends so what I like to do is to apply about 2 drops of the product working from the damaged tips first and working it all the way up to the roots. I would add a couple more drops if I felt that my hair needs more nourishing.

Tell me how this hair goddess potion works for you.  It’s no secret. 

Here’s a chance for you to win this product!

Exclusively available at Watsons at SGD26.90 (60ml) from 11th Sept 2014 onwards.

Check out Tsubaki Facebook page for more information: http://www.facebook.com/TsubakiSG

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