Aileron Wellness: Personal Training Session + Yoga

I always get so pumped up whenever I had the opportunity to review a new fitness centre or gym in Singapore. This time was somewhat different because I had to travel out of the main island to another island which we Singaporeans had so lovingly called it ‘Sentosa’ or ‘touristy island’ where peeps with the big bucks dwell. I would think that it’s just another exclusive boutique gym with impressive gym equipment and machine that does a whole lot of things to entertain you because getting your muscles working. Perhaps it’s just another cool gym with the state-of-the-art facilities and swanky interior where you would feel like a million bucks richer just by working out here. But, it isn’t quite like any other gyms around.

So how does this gym, located right at Amara Sanctuary Resort, is above the level playing field?

Though it was located away from the city centre, it was accessible by shuttle bus by Amara Sanctuary Resort which takes you from Harbourfront MRT to the resort itself. From the posh hotel lobby, make your way up the flight of stairs to this quiet area where there’s plenty of lush greenery surrounding it. It’s such a pleasure to work and sweat out in this tranquility, away from the hustle and bustles of the main city.

I was first introduced to Keith Tan, the founder of Aileron Wellness as well as a qualified certifier of local and regional fitness trainers. His wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm in helping his clients to achieve their fitness goals just rubs off on you, and instantly, you will feel energize too. He’s no different from an energy bunny and I, too, can’t wait to start working out in this spacious playground.

But before I did my circuit training with Keith, I went for a short tour around the gym. So there’s all the gym equipment, weight-lifting area and a huge training space where there’s a huge tuft of artificial carpet grass that looks so inviting. If only I could have a picnic there, snacking on some fruits after a workout… They’ve also got their own rehabilitation room where their rehab trainers would carry out their therapies and sports massage.

The training begins with me experiencing the power and efficiency of the Power Plate that send vibrations through your body.

My exercise routine has been getting quite mundane these days with me just attending group fitness classes like yoga, spinning and body pump. So going for personal training sessions that uses such innovative equipment like the Power Plate and ViPR helps break that pattern and got my adrenaline pumping once again.

 I did a series of circuit training exercises that gradually got my heart rate shooting up.

Through this personal training session, I also got to understand my body alot better and how my body mechanism works. I thought I was strong but I do have my weaknesses in areas, like my ankles, which I never knew of.

This is the Punching-sandbags-game in arcade style where it trains your coordination, alertness and agility. It’s super duper fun but I wish I was wearing a pair of MMA gloves so that I would look like a real fighter.
Watch this video below to see how I ‘monkeyed’ around this green playing field.

After all that strength and cardio training, comes my favourite part of the workout: stretching! I used to have this room mate who told me that she enjoys doing stretches a lot and I never understood why till today. I discovered that the more I utilized my muscles during exercise, the more I needed to stretch and relax the muscles. If you skip the stretching exercises, your body would feel achy everywhere so my point is, STRETCH as much as you can!

Yoga stretching session with Sylvia

The Fish Pose
This is my favourite Yin yoga pose that helps releases tension in the spine and back.

Since I am working on my headstand pose, I asked Sylvia to teach me how to do it with ease. Honestly, I always envy those yogis who could curl up and balance on their head and arms to do an inversion. But at least, I could balance on my arms and head…

I’m still trying to learn how to probe myself up!

Day by day, you will get stronger and beautiful both inside out.

Run wild and free!
Aileron Wellness

Amara Sanctuary Resort
01 Larkhill Road
Block 43 #02-38/39
Singapore 099394
Telephone: 6274 7138
Operating hours: 0730- 2200

Visit their Facebook page for more updates:

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